Inspiring a love of science with Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit

Inspiring a love of science with Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit

The Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit is the sort of toy that I would have been thrilled with growing up.  I was always making potions, pulling things apart, wanting to look at things under a microscope.  My mum bought me my first microscope from a local flower show second-hand stall and it was quite simply the best thing ever.  I loved it.  It was a proper one with thin glass slides and I was forever trying to find new things to look at.

Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit Boxed

My daughter seems to have inherited that gene from me as science has become a topic of many conversations as she has discovered a real passion for it both in and out of school.  She wants to understand how things happen, how things work and even the history of science interests her from reading about famous women who were scientists to her obsession with Mary Anning, the Dorset born fossil hunter and the fossilised pickings of the Jurassic Coast.

As soon as she opened the Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit, the sleeves were rolled up and she was ready for action. The Lab Kit comes inside a large plastic case in the shape of a lab bag, you simply pull the zip to open and it folds out into your very own lab.  It is so exciting and everything has a place, so when you have finished, you simply pop everything back into the various shelves and drawers and it is all neatly packed away.

Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit comes in this large lab bag where everything is tucked away inside

The set includes over 30 pieces including 3 glass slides, 2 test tubes with stand, funnel, beaker jar, 3 lab flasks, 15 pH strips, pipette dropper, petri dish, safety goggles, Project Mc2 ring, and 2 sticker sheets to examine and decorate.

The contents of the Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit

It is such a cool set, we love it.  Well, my daughter loves it but I do too as it has completely inspired my daughter.  It seems that there was a scientist inside her just waiting to be released and ever since we unzipped the Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit there has been quite literally no stopping her.

The Project MC2 Ultimate Lab Kit contains lots of equipment for your aspiring scientists to use

There is a little book of experiments that comes with the set and mostly the experiments can be done at home using household objects.  We tried a few different experiments and my daughter was so excited to put on her safety goggles and try out the equipment.  We tried chromatography with kitchen towel and water, we tried to make a cloud in a jar using warm water and hairspray, we looked at pH strips and how they changed colour in different liquids and she found lots of different things to look at under the microscope. It was great fun and my daughter was keen to find a notebook to use as her ‘lab journal’ and she spent ages writing up the experiments that she had tried, writing what her predictions had been, what equipment had been used and what the result of the experiment was.

Young scientist at work with the Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit

The best experiment was using a lab flask which has a four-way divider inside, we filled each section with water coloured with different food colours.  Next, we took a white tulip, carefully cut the bottom of the stem into four and then carefully placed the four pieces into the four sections of the lab flask.  Twenty-four hours later and we discovered that your tulip was no longer white but multicoloured as it had taken in the coloured water.  It was such a simple and clever experiment and so effective.

Using the Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit, we tried an experiment with a white tulip and four different food colouring coloured water

Anything that inspires learning is a great toy in my opinion.  The Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit is a great concept, well thought out and gives aspiring scientists all of the kit they need to get started.  All of the items in the set work well and I was impressed with how well the microscope works.  It is also perfect that it all slots back into the case so that it is easy to store and you won’t lose anything.  I like the fact that it comes with some experiments to get you started too, although there are lots of ideas on the internet, so it is easy enough to find more.  We give the Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit a huge thumbs up, it is great value, well designed and inspiring.

Goggles on. Using the Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit

We were sent the Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit in return for this review.  All opinions and images are our own. 





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