Teen Speak Dictionary for Beginners

Teen Speak Dictionary for Beginners

These teens and tweens often seem to speak another language, don’t they?  Maybe it’s just me, but it is something I have been battling with for some time now.  I wrote this post back in 2016 when the boys were both tweens and there were some very interesting phrases back then.

Thankfully, ‘suck your nan’ seems to have gone back from whence it came and the endless use of the word ‘bru’ has followed it but there are some strange yet obviously compulsory words and phrases that have become part of the weird and wonderful language of teen speak.

Legit is still up there and I like the way that it can be used as a noun, adverb and adjective dependent on, well I’m not sure what.  It emphasises that something is real or that something is cool.  Young people don’t say cool anymore (she says sounding like her gran). Things can be legit, they can be legit annoying or the teen can be legit doing something.  It is definitely the word that will define his teen years as he legit uses it in every legit sentence.

Aids is one of those words that makes me literally cringe every time I hear him say it.  If something makes him mad, it is ‘aids’.  If something makes him angry, it is ‘aids’.  If something really angers him he upgrades to shouting ‘aids in a bucket’.  This charming phrase is usually aimed at me when I am lovingly reminding him once more about one of the house rules that he strongly disagrees with. And yes, I have tried pointing out that ‘aids’ is actually a very serious and unpleasant illness and that using it as some sort of expletive, is really quite poor taste.  I could quite literally see my words flying over the top of his head.  Someone did point out that it could be worse but I’m so far unconvinced.

Banter.  God, I have heard that word so many times and I am so over it.  Banter is an excuse, in my humble opinion, to mock, generally take the mickey, insult and humiliate people.  Shouting abuse down the Xbox mic at friends is okay according to teen and tween as it is just banter innit?

Salty is another favourite in this house.  This is a term often used when ‘bantering’ on the Xbox.  Apparently, it is used to describe someone who is upset about something.  I suggested to the tween that maybe it originated from people crying salty tears.  I got a dramatic eye roll for that comment.

LOLs is not exactly a new one, although I am still laughing at the friend who thought it meant ‘lots of love’ and used it on a Facebook post that really was nothing to laugh about.  The colour quite literally drained from her face when I told her it meant laugh out loud. But for the kids now it is all about the LOLs, it has become an actual word, a noun in fact.  No-one pronounces the letters now, that was so last year, now you will just find them saying LOLs when it is funny or saying that they are doing it for the LOLs.

Sweaty is a word that I hear my youngest son say quite a bit to his friends and from what I can discern from his slightly confusing definition is that if someone calls you sweaty, it can either mean that you are upset or you are really engrossed in something.  No deodorant required, phew.

Beasting it did slightly worry me when I first heard it.  Again this is another common Xbox utterance yet apparently, it is a term meaning that you are doing really well at something. It is perfectly acceptable to say ‘I beasted you’, although apart from typing those three words in this post, I don’t think it is a phrase I will ever be using.

Triggered is an interesting word that my teen son uses occasionally to describe me.  This one means that something has made you really, really mad, angry and upset.

When it comes to all things texting, my teen’s fingers can move quicker than the speed of light, however, all of this effort usually ends up in a series of messages that could be mistaken for another language.  This is, of course, teen text speak.  Why write proper words when you could be taking more selfies of the side of your face?

Here are a few teen text abbreviations I have gleaned over recent months.

ik – I know

ikr – I know right?

ty – thank you

dm – don’t matter

sm – so much

gn – goodnight

ygm? – you get me?

y? – why

wu2? – what you up to?

nm – not much

How interesting it is to get a glimpse into the teenage mind but I am very glad that meanwhile back in the real adult world, all is well, there is no banter or beasting it and everyone texts using proper words and everything. TGFT.  LOLs.


Teen Speak Dictionary for Beginners



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  1. June 5, 2018 / 1:16 pm

    I’m legit LOLing along with this. I’ve heard a few of these. Banter is definitely the most over-used word in our house. It’s definitely an excuse for low-level bullying. Was quite chuffed with myself when I worked out ikr from a text from my daughter.

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