The Healthy Happy Mum Plan by Katie Piper and Terri-Ann Nunns

The Healthy Happy Mum Plan by Katie Piper and Terri-Ann Nunns

It is so easy when you become a mum to lose sight of your own needs and devote your time to your little ones, it is quite natural.  For so many mums, that can lead to bad food habits when trying to juggle so many things with so little time and it can often seem difficult to fit in any time to exercise.

The Healthy Happy Mum Plan Manual

My own experiences over the years have been up and down.  I gained weight with every pregnancy and then have struggled with weight ever since.  When the children were smaller, I did find time to exercise but now they are older, I thought it would be easier, but I seem to have even less time to exercise.  It is a vicious circle and one that I know many other mums are also struggling with.

The Healthy Happy Mum Plan has been designed with mums like me in mind.  Created by TV personality and inspiring mum of two Katie Piper and creator of the Terri-Ann 123 Diet Plan Terri-Ann Nunns, this plan has everything you need to kickstart a new healthier regime. Both mums, they wanted to create an affordable manual that could help with not just losing weight and getting fit, but also being healthy both physically and mentally.

The Healthy Happy Mum Plan Manual is an easy to follow manual which is split into clear sections so you can easily find the section you want.  It contains information about the author’s own journies, the issues facing mums post-pregnancy, tips for being happy, recipes, exercises and there is even a section with food diaries for you to fill in.

An example of inside The Healthy Happy Mum Plan Manual by Katie Piper and Terrie-Ann Nunns

When you buy the manual for £39.99 this also gives you lifetime membership of the Healthy Happy Mum Plan online Mum Hub where you can find additional support, seek advice and privately share your thoughts and advice in a Facebook community as well as access exclusive videos. Both Katie and TerriAnn, together with a consultant dietitian and other health professionals will also regularly be online to answer any questions or queries from members.

I was sent a copy of The Healthy Happy Mum Plan manual to review and I found it really easy to pick up and browse through.  It is really appealing with lots of photos, tips and ideas and I like the fact that they have given you space to keep your own food diaries which also includes a mood diary to track how your food affects how you feel each day.

There are endless tips which are really useful such as healthy options to eat if you are eating out or getting a takeaway or information about essential food groups. There is a seven-day meal plan which includes meal and snack ideas along with a daily exercise work out which is a really good place to start the plan.

The recipes are all delicious looking and are easy to make and use ‘normal’ ingredients that you would buy or have in the store cupboard or fridge.  With meal ideas from breakfast through to dinner, there is also a  list of 50, 100 and 300 snack and treat ideas to help cope with those moments you need something a little extra.

I really like The Healthy Happy Mum Plan, it is a really nice manual to pick up and read for inspiration and guidance, all in an easy to follow and achievable way.  A great starting point for busy mums who want to lose weight and get fit and healthy but don’t know where to start.  Find out more about The Healthy Happy Mum Plan on the website.

I was sent a copy of The Healthy Happy Mum Plan in return for this post.  All opinions are my own.

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The Happy Healthy Mum Plan Manual
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