Helping Control the Family Home with Hive #MyHiveHome

Hive is something that I have read a little bit about and found quite intriguing but I hadn’t actually realised what an interesting and innovative product range it is.

Hive Website

The Hive product range is part of the British Gas family and if you are like me, you may well have heard of the Hive Active Heating, a system that enables you to control your heating from your phone. However, there is so much more to the range.

Meet the family of smart products from Hive

The Hive Home products allow you to control your lighting and appliances from your phone, tablet or laptop wherever you are.  How clever is that? If like me, you are constantly on the move from one school pick up, club, sporting activity and all of the other things that come with parenting, this is an ingenious idea.

Central to these products is the Hive Home Hub.  This is a small device that easily plugs into your broadband router and then it remotely connects all of your devices.

the Hive Home Hub is a small device that easily plugs into your broadband router and then it remotely connects all of your devices

So imagine those mornings when you have rushed out of the house to do the school run and you have a nagging feeling that you left the lights on? (I am always doing that one) Or maybe you have teenagers who like to switch on every single light in the house yet somehow don’t seem to be able to quite find the off switch before they leave the house? With the Hive Active Lights, you are in full control.  You can set them to come on and off whenever you need them, so just as you are heading home from a long day, the lights can be set to come on just before you arrive. And of course, when you are away on holiday, you can set them to come on and off at different times of the day, so it looks like someone is in the house.  That would give me huge peace of mind when I was on holiday.

Within the lighting range, there are a number of different bulbs that you can buy.  Colour changing bulbs where you pick the colour to suit your mood, different shades of white to create mood lighting or brighter light depending on what you are doing and of course dimmable bulbs.  All controlled with a tap of the app. Amazing.

Another of the Hive products that really appealed to me is the Hive View.  A camera that captures a live stream of what’s going on in your home when you aren’t there.  This clever gadget gives you access to 24 hours of live stream via the app and you will also get notifications to your phone or tablet if motion or sound is detected in the house.  Again, this gives you great peace of mind if you are out of the house for long periods of time but as a parent, I must admit I quite like the idea of spying on the teens and seeing what they get up to when we aren’t around.

The Hive View Camera captures a live stream of what's going on in your home when you aren't there

Hive Active Plugs are also controllable from your phone, so you can switch off those chargers that are left plugged in and switched on all of the time and make sure your appliances are off when you don’t need them.  This plug could also be used to switch lamps on and off to make it look like someone is in the house.

There are even Hive Door and Window Sensors that let you know if you if a door or window is opened while you aren’t there. Perfect for keeping an eye on who is coming home when and checking that those teens are coming in when they said they would.

Hive products also interact with an Amazon Alexa, meaning that you can quite literally control these products without lifting a finger.

I have to admit that I am really impressed with the Hive product range.  With so many different options, this is a range that can give you peace of mind and save you money whilst making life easier in the process. I love the idea of being able to control things via the app and that would definitely lead to less nagging which can only be a good thing.

You can choose to buy the products individually or there are monthly plans available for the home products and the Hive Active Heating. Find out more about Hive here and there is a 20% discount code HIVE25R08 for the first ten people to buy a product from the Hive range.

Post written in collaboration with Hive and I received a Hive Home Hub and a Hive Active Light Colour Changing Bulb to try as part of writing the post.



Helping Control the Family Home with Hive #MyHiveHome
Article Name
Helping Control the Family Home with Hive #MyHiveHome
Did you know that Hive offers a range of products that can help to control and protect your home as well as save you money?
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Stressy Mummy

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