smART Sketcher Projector Review

smART Sketcher Projector Review

I always wanted to be able to draw and as hard as I tried, it just never quite worked out.  I could copy some pictures but even then, they never really turned out quite how I wanted them.  Had I had a smART Sketcher Projector growing up, I would have been a very happy girl.


My daughter is only 8 and she gets frustrated with her drawing skills, but she loves drawing and colouring and will sit quietly and happily for hours drawing little pictures and hopefully as she gets older and keeps practising, her drawing skills will improve.  When I told her about the smART Sketcher Projector, she was really excited as this will not only help her to draw amazing pictures but it will also teach her essential drawing skills.

smART Sketcher Projector unboxed

The smART Sketcher Projector from Character Online is a desktop projector which is suitable for children aged 5 and over.  It is super simple to set up and use and can be battery operated or plugged into the mains with the adapter provided. It isn’t big or heavy and it splits into two pieces which slot together to make the projector and you can take them apart again for easy storage.  Just add paper and pencils and unleash the inner artist.

The smART Sketcher makes drawing easy

The smART Sketcher comes with a small activity pack content card, which looks like a small USB. This slots easily into the top of the smART Sketcher.  On there are lots of preloaded images that you can access using buttons at the front of the projector and many of the images give you step by step instructions so that you can learn as you draw.  The projector simply projects the image clearly onto a piece of paper below, making it really easy to trace.  Once finished, you can then colour in your masterpieces. All images finish with colours and a background added to give you some inspiration.  For younger sketchers, there is also an option to practise letter formation and even spelling.

smART Sketcher activity pack content card


The smART Sketcher Projector isn’t just limited to the preloaded images.  There is a free app that you can use to connect to the smART Sketcher and in the app, you can see all of the preloaded images.

Use the smART Sketcher Projector App to access the preloaded drawings and download a photo of your own to trace

However there is more to the app as it can also turn your photos into sketchable images.  We love this feature and it is so clever. The potential of using the app is limitless, how easy is it to find images that you want to copy onto your phone or tablet and in the press of a button, you can have them projected onto a piece of paper ready to be copied. It is amazing but if you are using photos, you do need to use clear photos without too many small details, as the projection of photos isn’t as clear as the drawing images. The smART Sketcher allows you to trace images and photos from your phone using its free app

My daughter absolutely loved her smART Sketcher.  It is very simple to use and apart from downloading the app, she has used it on her own.  She loved the preloaded content and was so proud of her drawings.  She did say that she would have liked a bigger range of step by step drawings on the content card, but maybe other themed content cards will be added to the range at a later stage. It would also be nice to see more complex pictures that would suit children who are more confident. I did also point out that being able to use Bluetooth to connect the smART Sketcher to the images saved in my phone, pretty much gives her access to lots of additional content, so she was happy with that. The age recommendation is 5 -105 and I am going to admit that I couldn’t resist a little go myself, so I can see why it would be suitable for everyone.  It makes drawing so satisfying when you can actually recognise the end result (not usually the case for my attempts at drawing).

Some of the amazing pictures drawn using the smART Sketcher Projector

You do also need to remind them to use paper.  My daughter has a white desk and was horrified to discover that she had forgotten to use paper and had drawn a wonderful elephant picture on her desk.  Luckily it was in pencil and it didn’t take much cleaning off.  It did give my daughter the idea of decorating furniture with permanent markers using the projector as a guide.  I’m not totally convinced but maybe she is on to something.

One of my daughter's finished smART Sketcher designs

The smART Sketcher is a really great toy and something that would be a perfect gift for Christmas as it is so quick and easy to set up and the results are so good, it will keep everyone happy.  The RRP is £69.99 and we would both recommend the smART Sketcher Projector as it is good fun, really therapeutic to use and the possibilities are endless.

The smART Sketcher projector comes apart and slots together to make it easy to pack away and store

Find out more about the smART Sketcher Projector here.

We were sent a smART Sketcher Projector for the purpose of the review.  All opinions and images are our own. 


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