How to Create a Stronger Bond with Your Kids

Most parents want to have close relationships with their kids but that isn’t always the case. The reasons for this differ from parent to parent, but there are ways that you can make your relationship with your child better. You may have decided to read this article because you have kids of your own and want to ensure you do all you can to build and maintain a healthy relationship. Although there are no one-size fits all approach, there are some basics that you can try that are applicable to any relationship. On that note, you’re going to see how you can create a stronger bond with your kids below.


The first fundamental of any relationship is communication. Although your kids are significantly younger than you, it doesn’t make it any different in a parent-child scenario. Here are a few specific aspects of communication you can work on to create a stronger bond.

Actively Listening

One aspect of communication that could help you bond better with your child is active listening. Listening to your kids could make them more likely to listen to you as well as help them feel understood. Try and avoid belittling them, making them feel small or shrugging off their opinions as though they don’t count. Instead, show them you hear what they’re saying and give off positive body language.

Admitting Faults

Many parents struggle with admitting their wrongs, and this can result in growing resentment from kids. Be able to admit when you’re wrong and own up to your mistakes so that your kids see the human side of you. When apologising, be genuine, express regret, and explain what went wrong.

Quality Time

Spending time with your kids is another necessity if you want to have a better and stronger bond. As you likely already know, spending time with them helps you learn more about one another and create new memories. Here are a few quality time ideas below.

Go to the Theatre

An activity that you and the kids may find fun is going to the theatre. There are so many different shows that you can see, so choose one that all of you can connect with. Perhaps if you’re going during the holidays you can see Disney on Ice as it can be exciting for kids and bring back fond memories for adults. If you visit, you’ll find tickets at relatively affordable rates.

Have Fun at Home

Although going out with the kids can be great, you can also do fun activities at home. Seeing as you may not always have the time to go out, making the most of the time you have is usually the best approach. This could mean holding a room tidying competition or creating a family cookbook together.

Be Free

Often times, the best relationships consist of people who can be themselves at all times. Make it a policy that everyone is allowed to be who they are without any judgement or harsh criticisms. You may need to lead by example by being open and transparent with your kids within reason.

It is any parents dream to know that their kids are free with them and can talk to them about anything. In as much as creating a balance is important, you want to have a relationship with them born out of love and not fear.

How to Create a Stronger Bond with Your Kids

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