How to Ensure Your Teenager is Getting Enough Sleep

Teenagers are notorious for stomping downstairs at lunchtime with bleary eyes, usually having just woken up. They’ve missed the whole morning while you’ve been working away at the house or have been out with some of your friends already. It can be frustrating because they’re essentially missing half of the day!

While it’s okay to have a lie in on occasion, living this way for too long is a habit that needs to be broken. In fact, a long’s night sleep can be bad for you too, so it’s important to rest for the right amount of time. This is usually between six and eight hours for most people.

Consequently, here’s how to ensure your teenager is getting enough sleep.

The Right Environment

Some rooms are decorated in such a way that they can boost the quality of sleep one gets. Consequently, you should try to arrange your child’s bedroom for that same effect. You’ll need a dark room that blocks out any streetlights and distractions from the outside world, and plenty of space too.

Invest in some quality grey curtains from Direct Blinds and remove any and all clutter from the room. The odd poster here and there won’t do any harm, but if your child’s bedroom is full of other distractions like musical instruments, speakers or books, chances are the last thing they’ll ever want to do in the bedroom is, ironically, sleep. It can be good for a bedroom to represent the user’s personality, but if you know your child is easily distracted perhaps consider outfitting the bedroom for its core purpose alone.

Take Away Their Screens

Bedtime seldom means ‘going to sleep time’ these days. Teenagers and even some adults go to bed with phones in hand and laptops charged, texting and watching YouTube until they pass out from exhaustion. This is obviously an incredibly bad routine to get into – not to mention persistently looking at screens in the dark will be bad for their eyes too!

The only solution here is to take away their screens – which does include not having a TV in their room too! Have a dedicated study room for laptops and computers and have strict rules about phone usage. This will undoubtedly kickstart a drama in the house, but it’s certainly a battle worth winning. The bed isn’t for lounging around, watching films and texting; it’s there to sleep in, and that’s that!

Let Them Live the Consequences

Sometimes, teenagers slack more when they know their parents are there to bail them out of any trouble. Well, sometimes tough love is needed, and if you remove that safety net they might just buck up and wake up to their poor behaviour. It can often be the case that a harsh and sobering reality check is needed.

Obviously, don’t let them come to harm. However, if they sleep in on a school day, perhaps refuse to give them a lift and let their teachers deal with them for being late. Or, you could send them to school with a quick and less than tasty breakfast. So long as there’re light consequences to deal with (that will feel like a big deal to the melodramatic teenager), they might just change their ways.

How to Ensure Your Teenager is Getting Enough Sleep

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