Sexy boots!

Sexy boots!

As I was rummaging through my wardrobe, looking for my winter essentials, I found my gorgeous knee high sexy boots that I bought last year which reminded me of a rather embarrassing moment I had at my son’s school.

The boots were extremely expensive and it was love at first sight.  However, in spite of their loveliness, I had to overcome a rather large obstacle – peeling myself out of my everyday staple of jeans and wearing a skirt.  I do not like my legs and did think that maybe I could just put the beautiful boots somewhere, where I could gaze lovingly at them from time to time and then occasionally wear them underneath my jeans.  But no, at that price, my husband told me, he would wear them if I didn’t.

The mental image of this alone was enough to send me scurrying to find the skirts in the dark depths of my wardrobe.

A couple of days later, I was called to one side by my son’s class teacher who, whilst trying to keep a very straight face, informed me that when the class had been asked to do show and tell that afternoon, my son had come out with something rather unusual.  It seems that when I had been trying on my lovely boots with a skirt, little ears had been listening and he announced to the class that his mummy was a prostitute with very sexy boots!  Luckily, the teacher knows me and having seen the state of me most days, realised the implausibility of this and had ushered him back to his seat.

What I had, in fact, said to my husband was that I was a little concerned that I looked like a prostitute in my sexy boots and that maybe (very much joking here!) that it would be a good way of earning the money I had paid for the boots back.

To make matters even worse, there were a group of mummies over the next few days commenting on how their little ones were coming home and asking what a prostitute was and asking where on earth they had got this word from.  I just smiled and nodded, hoping that the local rumour mill didn’t get wind of this story as the whole thing could seriously get out of hand.

One thing I learnt from this rather embarrassing moment is that it is definitely worth remembering that little children have very big ears and even bigger mouths, so be very careful what you say!



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