Wot so funee – the rugby edition

Wot so funee – the rugby edition

My gorgeous six-year-old is the constant source of amusement to me and an endless source of inspiration for “wot so funee”!

As usual, he has been in fine form and this week’s “funee” comes from his current obsession; rugby.

He is only six, but he loves rugby. My husband is Welsh, so I blame him! L spends his spare time watching rugby, checking rugby scores, playing rugby by himself, talking about rugby and writing up imaginary rugby matches. You get the idea?

He even has his own imaginary tournament; the Four Nations which comprises Wales, New Zealand, Australia and England, who according to him are the best rugby nations in the world.

We were discussing the latest imaginary match in his Four Nations tournament which was between New Zealand and Australia.

L: Mummy I hope you won’t be sad but I’m going!
Me: Where to?
L: New Zealand!
Me: Ok, have a nice time!
L: (hands on hips) Mummy, I am not joking, I am moving to New Zealand!
Me: oh ok, why?
L: Because they are the best rugby players in the world and I want to play rugby for them.
Me: Well you can’t just move there on your own!
L: I am going to change dads – I am going to have Ma Nonu ( plays for New Zealand apparently!) as my new dad, but you can come too if you want, but not daddy, Wales aren’t quite good enough!

I like a boy who has aspirations!!






  1. November 10, 2011 / 10:40 am

    That’s brilliant! I love it when they get a serious notion in their head – you can laugh about this when he’s a famous all-blacks star!

  2. Amanda @ Having Fun
    November 10, 2011 / 11:20 am

    Maybe he has a point….NZ rugby players are well known for their strong thighs and rippling muscles! 😉

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