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I recently blogged about the difficult time that I am having with my three year old daughter and her eating habits. After reading up on the subject and consulting the oracles of Facebook and Twitter, I decided that one of my plans of attack was to try a reward chart.

Fortunately KiddyCharts came to my rescue and offered me a subscription to their site and I loved it as soon as I logged on. Firstly, on KiddyCharts, you can create and print out personalised reward charts. These charts are brilliant and so easy to create. There are three types of chart to choose from; Reward Me, Track Me and Care 4 Me. You simply choose the type of chart you want, fill in your child’s name and photo and then pick from the range of backgrounds that are available. Your chart is ready to print in a few minutes, it really couldn’t be simpler. You can also have the charts posted to you for a small additional cost.

The Reward Me was my first choice as this is set up with a large number of typical issues that parents face with children and you just tick the behaviour or activity that you are tackling to incorporate it into the chart. The chart covers one week and has a column for each day of the week so that you can easily mark the successes over the week.

As I blogged about a few weeks ago, A is really pushing the boundaries when it comes to eating. If it is sweet and sugary or comes in a chocolate variety, she will eat anything. If it looks vaguely like fruit or vegetables, she disappears with her nose in the air. So I designed her a Reward Me chart with her name, photo and a very lovely princess background. I printed it off and laminated it and she was very impressed. I blue tacked the chart up in the kitchen and talked to her about her two targets for each day; to eat nicely and to eat her greens. If she managed to do each of these things at least once a day, she gets a flower and I promised her a treat from Toys R Us if she managed to fill the chart.

A helped me design the chart on the computer and insisted on using the photo with the crown!

It didn’t change things over night, but I didn’t expect it to. However, it was at eye-level for her so that she saw it whenever she was in the kitchen and we have been talking about it a lot. She loves getting her flower when she has achieved one of her targets and reminding her about the chart definitely seems to make her rethink leaving the table in a huff.  We still have a way to go, but I am definitely seeing an improvement.

The really nice thing is that I can print off the reward chart as many times as I want to and with a Bronze subscription costing £12.50, you can create ten different reward charts and each chart can be printed as many times as you need.  I have already created a couple of other charts for A as I know that she will love all of the different designs.  There are different levels of subscription to suit each family’s needs, however you can also buy single reward charts if you prefer.

There is a lot more to the KiddyCharts site.  The owner of KiddyCharts, Helen Neale also has a blog called Mummy’s Little Stars, where she and a number of guest bloggers write posts about the minefield that is parenting.  I read two really excellent posts in the feeding category which included some excellent tips for helping with fussy eaters.  The blog really does cover a multitude of subjects, from fussy eaters to potty training and from behaviour to childcare. Alongside these posts, there are lots of other articles from other parenting organisations, reviews of a wide range of child friendly products and giveaways too.

KiddyCharts and Mummy’s Little Stars are both worth a look.  There is so much useful information on the site that as a parent, I would definitely recommend it.  The reward chart has been a big hit in this house and even the boys were quite jealous that they were a bit too old for the designs (we did have a good look at them all!) otherwise I might have printed some off for them too.  If you are looking for a simple and effective reward chart, KiddyCharts is definitely a good place to start.

I was given a free Bronze subscription for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own.


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