Family Fun at Hatton Adventure World

Family Fun at Hatton Adventure World

I first discovered Hatton Adventure World about five years ago when we went on a playgroup trip there.  It was described to me as a farm park with a difference and I can still remember walking in through the entrance gate and thinking ‘wow’ as I looked down the hill at all of the fun things it had to offer.  It really is so much more than a farm park and we had the most amazing day.  Five years on and we are regular visitors to Hatton and it has improved year after year as they constantly strive to improve the facilities and activities. We have very fond memories of Hatton and one of our favourite stories is when we took my mum and we went for a walk through their Maize Maze with the two boys and a pushchair.  It had been a wet summer and the maze was quite muddy.  My mum lost her shoe in the mud trying to get the pushchair out, L fell over and the pair of them got covered in mud.  It is one of those tales that we often tell and laugh about.

Hatton Adventure World is situated in stunning countryside on the outskirts of Warwick and along with a shopping village it makes up Hatton Country World.  The old fashioned sweet shop is always a stopping point on our way out so that we all have a nice bag of sweets for the journey home.

One of the things that I really love about Hatton is that it is good old fashioned family fun.  There are three little rides for the younger children, but apart from those, all of the other activities are all about imaginative and active play.  For my three, that is perfect as they love to be outside and on the go.  The play areas are all amazing.  Tall swings that mean you can go really high, high bumpy slides that you have to climb a rope bridge to get to, swinging boats, trampolines and volley ball.  These were our first stop of the day until the boys spotted ‘Beat the Goalie’ and spent a very happy half an hour trying to kick footballs through holes on a board.

We had also been given a bit of a challenge to complete during our day which the boys were keen to do.  For Over 8’s they were given a card entitled Adventurers Challenge with a number of things to be done at different locations around the site.  Each time they did one challenge either a member of staff or myself could sign and if they completed all of the challenges, there was a small reward to be had.


Hatton Adventure World 2

Hatton Adventure World 3 Hatton Adventure World 4

Hatton Adventure World 5

Hatton Adventure World 6


With a solemn promise that they could return later to shoot more goals, we headed over to another firm favourite; the inflatable slide.  Somewhere in my photo albums I have lots of photos of much younger versions of R and L bouncing their way down this slide and they still love it.  It takes some effort to climb up and they went up and down like crazy.  A did have a go but she took the opportunity to try out the much less strenuous rides with Dad.

Inflatable Slide at Hatton Country World


Teacups at Hatton Country World

We just had enough time to pan for gold and find ten pieces of gold for each of the children so that they could claim their medal before rushing off to the Anaconda Slide that R was keen to get his brother on for the first time. There are some lovely garden sized games that you can play such as skittles and snakes and ladders.  The children opted for a quick game of skittles before looking for the next adventure.

Panning for Gold at Hatton Adventure World


Skittles at Hatton Adventure World


Anaconda Slide at Hatton Adventure World



No time to stop and rest, next up was the Assault Course which the children loved.  R and L of course were ridiculously competitive and L finally managed to do the monkey bars for the first time ever which was amazing.

Assault Course at Hatton Adventure World


Monkey Bars at Hatton Adventure World


Assault Course


Assault Course


Assault course finished successfully by everyone (except me, but I was chief photographer) we moved on the Frisbee Golf which was hilarious fun.

Frisbee Golf at Hatton Adventure World



As lunchtime was fast approaching, there were more play areas to visit, a quick trot around the Falconry Centre and a ride on the Time Warp Tractor Ride which takes you on a trip through time all the way around Hatton Adventure World.

Zip Wire at Hatton Adventure World


The Timewarp Tractor Ride at Hatton Adventure World


By the time we stopped for lunch, everyone was starving.  You can take a picnic to Hatton and there are lots of perfect places to sit and eat your lunch but there are also refreshment cabins and restaurants on site too.  We opted to have lunch in Snorty’s restaurant as R was keen to try out the indoor play area.  The restaurant was really busy and as soon as we saw the play area, we could see why.  Three amazing slides and lots of areas to climb and play in; Superslide Mania was new to us and the children absolutely loved it.

In the afternoon we decided to get up close and personal with some of the animals.  A is terrified of all animals but she was determined to go on a pony ride (there is an additional charge for this), there was one moment when the pony looked at her and she started to shake, but she got on and loved it.

Pony Rides at Hatton Adventure World


The boys got the chance to hold two of the many guinea pigs at Hatton before trying their luck with a monitor lizard in the new Scales and Tails area.

Animals at Hatton Adventure World


With a couple of hours left to fill, we managed to squeeze in more play; sandpits, tractor rides, rides, milking the pretend cow and we even got to bet on Hatton’s Grand National which involves sheep and is taken very seriously indeed.

Hatton Adventure World


That just left time for a quick ice cream in the sun shine before we all went home.  The boys successfully completed all of the tasks in their Adventurers Challenge too and were awarded with some chocolate for their efforts.

Ice cream

For me, a day at Hatton Adventure World is amazing for so many reasons.  It is a place where kids can be kids and the grown ups can be kids too.  It encourages the kids to get active and to try something new.  You can get up close and personal with the many animals and creatures there and around every corner there is something new and interesting  to do.  It is non-stop and action packed and the stunning backdrop of the Warwickshire country side with animals everywhere makes it a beautiful place to spend the day.   We have always loved Hatton and even though we were there to do a review, I would say the same things regardless and we can’t wait to go back. One day really isn’t enough, there were quite a few things that we didn’t get to do or see and we are going to invest in a year pass so that we can go back whenever we want over the next year.

We were given free access to Hatton Adventure World and lunch for the purpose of this review but we do genuinely love Hatton and all opinions and images are our own.  Thank you to Hatton Adventure World for a brilliant day out. 



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  2. April 27, 2014 / 7:27 am

    I notice that it caters to all the members of the family! So many things to do in there and looks like everything is so fun! #countrykids
    Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) recently posted…My Sunday PhotoMy Profile

  3. The Reading Residence
    April 27, 2014 / 6:44 pm

    We went there for the first time last week, in fact, I blogged about it yesterday!, and we loved it, too. We were really impressed, the kids did not stop all day, and we will definitely be going back!
    The Reading Residence recently posted…The Blog Lowdown – Let Kids Be KidsMy Profile

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