5 of the best ways to have fun with your family

5 of the best ways to have fun with your family

The summer holidays are coming.  I am saying that with a very excited voice as I am really looking forward to the break now and spending a few weeks of quality time with my family.  No early mornings, no rushing around, no homework, just six weeks of taking things at our own pace.  Bliss.

So I am in a planning frenzy.  I want those few weeks to be perfect and in order to make the most of the holidays I have to have a rough plan of things to do, places to see.  So where do we start?

Planning fun days out with the family can be difficult. Different ages and different interests can make getting out and about problematic – but there are many ways you can enjoy the holidays or easy weekend days out with everyone involved. Below are five things which should appeal to all the family and will be a great fun experience for everyone to remember.

History and Heritage

Enjoying a day out with English Heritage is anything but boring, and may even surprise the most sceptical of older children. There are plenty of wonderful sites which have a rich history and lots to see. Choose from a wide range of opportunities where stories can be discovered. Membership to English Heritage opens up a world of options for youngsters; and if you collect Nectar points, you can spend them on an annual membership at English Heritage.

Simple Strolls

Visiting a National Trust site and enjoying one of the many relaxing walks which cater for all ages is one way of enjoying some real family time. From walks that are perfect for parents with young children still in prams, to more challenging routes for a good workout, there’s something for everyone. Interesting sites and landmarks along the way will keep you on the lookout, and provide talking points too.

Taking a stroll

Traditional Seaside

Fun and free – a trip to the seaside really can’t be beaten. Whether your local beach is at Whitby, Bodmin or Brighton you can relive your childhood with your children. Look out for the ice cream van and remember, no break at the seaside is complete without fish and chips and a visit to the arcades. If there’s a carousel make sure the kids get a go, as well as the big kids.

playing on the beach


A Day in the City

Spending a day in the city may sound a little boring but it’s not if you’re exploring a new area and you research in advance. From Edinburgh to Exeter, wherever you head you’ll find plenty going on; plan ahead and you’ll most likely be convinced that there’s more to see and do than you could possibly fit in. Don’t forget the camera to capture everyone at the sights.

The London Eye

Theme Park Chaos

Children love the fun and thrills of the theme park and if you’re a bit of a thrill seeker too then why not give it a go? There are plenty of parks across the country, many of which will entertain even the youngest children. All you need to do is decide the biggest rollercoaster you’re prepared to go on.




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