Beados Glitter Quick Dry Design Studio

Beados Glitter Quick Dry Design Studio

“Glitter beads!” was the excited cry from my daughter when we opened that Beados Quick Dry Design Station parcel.

Beads Quick-Dry Design Station Beads are very popular in this house and so is glitter, so the Beados Glitter Quick Dry Design Studio was off to an excellent start before we had even got it out of the box.

Beads Quick-Dry Design Station

Our first experience with Beados was interesting.  A was only 3 and this is one of those activities where you really need to do it with the suggested age of 4+.  We ended up with beads everywhere and then she covered them all with water and they all stuck together in a big lump.

Now she is five and a little bit more sensible, I knew that this would appeal to her as she enjoys making things (especially if there are beads or glitter involved!)

Beads Quick-Dry Design Station Contents

The Beados Quick Dry Design Station is incredibly easy to set up.  It comes with 500 beads, 1 tweezer pen, 2 bead trays, 1 water sprayer, 6 design templates, 2 suction cups, 1 display stand, 1 connector bead, 1 bead storage tray, 3 bag tags and threads, instructions and the quick-dry station.  The quick dry station is easy to set up; unscrew the battery compartment and put in 2 AA batteries (not supplied), clip the two pieces together and the fan is ready to go.  There is a button at the top to switch the fan on and off.  It takes a few minutes to take the beads out of their bags and put them into the tray and then you are ready to start creating.

Starting a Beados masterpiece

Creating the Beados masterpieces is very straightforward.  There are six designs to choose from and you slot your chosen design template underneath a bead tray and you match the bead colour to the design.  A picked the biggest design to start off with and then opted for the parrot which is smaller and simpler to do.  Once you have completed your design, you hold the water sprayer 10 cm above it and spray 5-6 times so that all of the beads are evenly covered.  This part does need supervision with younger children as too much water makes the beads very sticky and they take longer to dry.

Using the Beados Quick Dry StationTo finish off, your design has a bit of a blow dry.  The bead trays slot under the quick dry station and you turn it on for about 10 – 15 minutes and your design is then ready to be taken off.  It is worth checking very gently that the beads have stuck together before you take it off completely, just in case a few beads need another squirt of water and if you want to make your design more sturdy, you can spray the reverse and leave to dry.

Completed Beados Designs

You can then decide if you want to turn your design into a bag tag by attaching it to one of the three bag tags and threads, or you can simply display it using the display stand or the suction cups.

We loved using this set and A is thrilled with her first two creations that are on display in her bedroom.  The RRP for this set is £19.99 and I think that is good value for the amount of fun that you can have with it.  The quick dry station is easy to use and does make the creations dry quickly which is perfect if like me, you have impatient children.  You can also buy Beados refill packs so that you can make endless creations and even try making some of your own designs.

We were sent the Beados Quick Dry Design Station for the purpose of this review.  All options and images are our own.  


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