The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name

Reading the little girl who lost her name

We have had a lot of books pass through this house over the last few years and many have been loved and reread a hundred times but very few have had the impact that The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name had.

The little girl who lost her name

This is a magical book that takes us on a very personalised journey from the little girl in the story waking up to find that her name is missing from her bedroom door and she can’t remember her name.  She goes off in search of her lost name and meets some weird and wonderful creatures along the way who all try to help her in her quest to find her lost name.

the little girl who lost her name page example

As the little girl gathers together the letters given to her by everyone she meets, she realises at the end of her journey that she has found her name and then the most surprising thing for the child that is reading the story is that the letters make up their own name.  The first time you read this story to your child is magical.  A loved the story and even though she knows her letters and how to spell her name, she did not see the ending coming and her face was picture.  She kept looking at me and the book and saying ‘it’s me, it’s my name’ over and over.

lost my name illustration

The Lost My Name book can be personalised for boys and girls of course and it is a truly magical book.  it is a beautifully written rhyming story with bright and interesting illustrations which makes a unique reading experience for parents and children.

The little girl who lost her name letter A

Creating your book takes seconds, you add the name and click whether it is a girl or boy and then your book is ready to preview in just a few seconds.  You can even add your own dedication which is printed on the first page of the book. websiteThis book is a brilliant idea and something that can be treasured.  It would make a wonderful and unique gift that ll children and their parents will love. A absolutely loves her book and we have read it every night since it arrived.  The Lost My Name book costs £18.99 with free shipping and I am busy thinking about any young children that I could order one for as I think every child needs one of these books on their shelves.

I was sent this book for the purpose of the review.  All images and opinions are my own.  


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