My SlimFast journey so far and the next challenge

My SlimFast journey so far and the next challenge

After years of unsuccessful dieting over the last ten years, I didn’t really hold out much hope when I started trialling SlimFast last year.  It was a diet plan that I had never previously tried and I was interested to see how I would get on.

The initial week was hard and I admit that I did find it quite challenging to start with.  I was working from home at the time and the temptation to reach for the biscuits was a hard habit to break.  However, I stuck it out and combined with using a Fitbit to monitor my daily intake and exercise, I started to lose weight.  It was slow and steady but it was happening.  I was amazed.

After a few weeks, I realised that I was not only losing weight but I had gained an understanding what I needed in a day to be able to lose weight and for me, that has been the overwhelmingly positive message that I have had from following the plan.

I started to eat normally again in the summer with the occasional few days of SlimFast, but I tried to stick to the basic calorie concept behind the plan; 3-2-1. 3 healthy snacks of around 100 calories each day, 2 meals which include a SlimFast shake or bar or a calorie equivalent meal (around 210 calories) and one healthy meal of 600 calories (800 calories for men).  It is easy, once you are in the habit and I have discovered lots of lovely meal and snack ideas that fit in with the calories.

In September, I returned to work and the weight loss continued.  I found that the new SlimFast noodle boxes and meal replacement bars were perfect for a quick and easy lunch and being at work really helped me to stop picking and of course, I was on the move more which also helped.  In November, I reached a weight loss of one and a half stone, which I am still amazed about.  People were commenting, so it was obviously noticeable and for the first time in a very long time, I was able to wear clothes that I would have never dreamed of wearing before.

Christmas is always a tough time when you are cutting down and when I ventured onto the scales this weekend, I have put a few pounds back on, however, with the launch of the new SlimFast app this month is just what I need to get myself motivated and back on the weight loss plan once again.

SlimFast App

The app is really easy to use and it is full of inspiration and motivation to help you on your journey.  You can set yourself a goal and the app will give you a sensible time in which to try and achieve it. It is so handy having an app like this on your phone as you can quickly check in and grab some inspiration whenever you have a few minutes spare and it is nice to be able to track and monitor your progress too. Find out more about the app here and you too could join in with the #SlimFastChallenge.

SlimFast App Features

I will be taking part in the #SlimFastChallenge along with a group of bloggers this month and I will be blogging about my results along with how I am finding using the app to help me and to kick start the process I will be taking part in a Twitter party on Thursday 7th January from 3:30 where SlimFast ambassador Kimberley Walsh will be tweeting from the @SlimFastUK account.  Join in, ask some questions and you could be in with a chance of winning a 7 day Starter Kit which is a great way of kickstarting your own plan diet plan.

1315 Slimfast Twitter party


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