Treading on eggshells

Treading on eggshells

Just lately treading on eggshells is a phrase that often comes to mind.

Maybe it is a phase that you go through with children of a certain age. The onset of teenage years is close and it is certainly making itself known on an all too regular basis and I feel as though I am constantly treading on eggshells.

Along with the hormones of a highly strung pre-teen, there is the ongoing management of a child struggling to cope with life in secondary school.  Possibly there is an underlying condition that causes mood swings that can change in a heartbeat but literally not knowing what to expect from one minute to another makes you wary.  Very wary.  Back to the eggshells once more.

The problem with treading on eggshells is that you are going to break some eggs.  As hard as you try to be the perfect parent; patient, understanding, giving them the space and time they need, it is natural to have off moments.  Moments when you don’t want to understand, moments where you snap, moments when you don’t care how many egg shells you break.

Teenage years can be tough.  Having been through some already as a parent and survived, I thought the next ones would be a breeze.  All children are different though of course and I am already feeling that the next few years could be interesting.  Yes, there is a lot going on in my son’s head and body, he gets very tired, very emotional at times but I am seeing a side of him at times that I don’t want to.  We will get through it, of course we will.  He is a lovely lad and I am so proud of him, I just have to remind myself, and him, of that during those tougher times.

As for my youngest son, I don’t know when and if those eggshells will ever go away. We are making huge progress with him whilst waiting for the slow wheels of diagnosis to slide into action.  Endless articles and books are being read to try and understand what is going on inside his head and we have found lots of strategies that make life, both with him and for him, a little easier.

In the meantime, I will keep smiling and trying not to break too many eggshells as I walk along this path we call parenting.

treading on eggshells




  1. June 6, 2016 / 7:01 pm

    Eek! Good luck to you. It sounds like a real challenge. You have my utmost respect to be dealing with both situations. My pre-teen boys is still remarkably easy to parent and I just have one grumpy teenager to deal with.

  2. Karen
    June 10, 2016 / 10:24 am

    They are all different so it isn’t possible to use the same strategies, they keep us on our toes! Sometimes though I think it’s important that they see us as a person too. It’s not good for us or them if we are perfectly patient and reasonable all the time. I’m on my 3rd with another one close behind, survived 2 already xxx

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