Phases and crazes

Phases and crazes

Currently, there are two things that are driving me so crazy.  One is the Dab.  The other is bottle flipping.

When there is a craze amongst kids, I get it both barrels, from my own children, particularly the boys who are at the perfect age for every phase and craze going but also at school where I am surrounded by kids.

The Dab is just plain annoying.  There I said it. Yes, I am old.  Yes, I probably need to get a life. Yes, I’m sure if I was twelve I might feel the need to punch myself in the head at regular opportunities.  But why why why is it so popular?

It made its first appearance in the summer with the boys and I was slightly concerned when they started to do it.  I wondered if it was some sort of nervous twitch.  But no, it was the Dab.  When I returned to school in September, there are children dabbing all over the place and it irritates me SO much.


Then there is bottle flipping.  Apparently, it is a ‘thing’ to flip your drinks bottles and make them land standing up.  Oh my goodness, in school there are bottles flipping everywhere.  It is better to have  something in the bottle and they do it over and over again.  ANNOYING!! There is even a bottle flipping app which is slightly less annoying and certainly quieter.

So what things did you do when you were at school mum (if you can remember that far back)? Was the question my cheeky son asked me the other day and even though it was a while ago, I do remember that we had crazes.  Marbles were a huge thing when I was at primary school and I always had a pocket full of marbles ready to take on any willing challenger and we would swap, compare and play with them all the time.  I don’t think it was annoying but I suppose it could have been.


Yo-yos were also popular although I was never that bothered by them.  I had a few little trolls with crazy hair.  In my early teens it was all about the Rubiks Cube and being an 80’s girl it was all about the legwarmers for a while.  Anyone who was anyone had a Swatch watch and the bigger and brighter the better. As for playground games, we loved skipping and doing the cats cradle with scraps of wool or string.

cats-cradleCopyright: paylessimages / 123RF Stock Photo

But over the years, I have seen a fair few phases and crazes come and go. Pokemon was a huge craze that my eldest son went through and we had toys and cards floating around at one point and then for a second time when my youngest son went through his Pokemon phase.  Football cards and stickers have made repeated appearances over the years and apart from the constant question about what to do with the piles of swaps, I don’t think that I ever felt irritated by either of these.


There was a brief collection of Tazos which if my memory serves me right came free with crisp packets.  We had a brief flirtation with a Tamagotchi which was one of those things that my son “had to have” but he quickly got bored with it and it ended it being me who looked after it until I let it die and never revived it.

Crazy Bones were big in this house and I’m sure in many other homes too.  If you never experienced Crazy Bones they were small colourful plastic figurines that were also known as Gogos and you could collect them, swap them and play with them.  My son had hundreds of the things and he carried them around in those little mesh drawstring bags that came with washing tablets and I am pretty sure that if you had a thorough search around this house, you would find a few of them still left.


When I started teaching there was a strange flick that kids did with their fingers to make a cracking sound.  All the kids were doing it wherever you went in school, kids would shake their fingers at you.  Then came the finger skateboards.  This was another craze that baffled me.  Where was the fun in pushing a mini skateboard around with your fingers?  If there was any, I could not see it.

So the Dab and the bottle flipping seem to be the craze of the moment but my sanity will be saved in a few months time when they move on to the next ‘thing’ and I am hopeful that it whatever it is, it won’t be quite so annoying.



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  1. October 10, 2016 / 8:26 pm

    hahaha! My teens school has banned the bottle flipping! Anyone caught doing it gets a detention. It doesn’t stop her doing it at home though. It’s still not as annoying as Loom bands though. lol x
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