Unsubscribing. My new therapy

Unsubscribing.  My new therapy

Dear marketing emails,

We need to talk.

It’s not me, it’s you.  Once upon a time, I admit that I did occasionally feel a frisson of excitement when you popped into my inbox with the exciting promise of great deals and new products.  I would be all too easily distracted from the important tasks at hand and encouraged to lose endless hours browsing anything from photo deals, clothing sales or even holidays.

But like any love affair, the excitement started to wear off.  The constant influx of emails started to feel tiresome, annoying, intrusive even.  And there were so many of them. The more time I spent online, the greater the number of emails.

For so long now, it has felt as if you and I have had a long and fairly uninteresting relationship whereby I either delete or ignore you and yet they still keep coming, thick and fast.  Enough is enough.  It was time to take action.

When I buy something, I go through what I think is a normal process as an online shopper.  I browse the sites I know and love, I might google something I have in mind and see if I can get it better or cheaper elsewhere and then I make the purchase.  Job done.

The problem is that the more online shopping I did, the more unwanted emails I received on a daily basis. I know that a bunch of emails isn’t anything to get your knickers in a twist about in the grand scheme of things but I did still find it really irritating.

At one point last year, my inbox was pretty much overrun with promotional emails from companies that I had bought from or shown some sort of passing interest in and boy, the marketing of some of the companies is fierce.  Not content with a weekly or daily email, some companies sent out emails a few times a day.  What is that all about?

But then, I discovered the power of the unsubscribe button.

It felt so good.

When, like me, you are on so many marketing lists, it can take a very long time to work through unsubscribing from them.  Some companies (and I like those so much) make the process really easy and you press unsubscribe and it is a quick and painless process.  Others will require a reason.  Some sites you have to sign into and update your preferences.  There are some who make it really tricky and I have to admit there is one nappy company who have so far eluded my unsubscription attempts.

On the whole, it is a very therapeutic process.  En masse unsubscribing does take time, but for a few weeks afterwards, it is so lovely to only receive emails that you actually want to read.

After a few weeks, I noticed that a few started to creep back and I realised that quite often when you buy something, you sign yourself up for marketing emails without realising but there is often a box to tick to say that you don’t want communication or third party emails and I do try now to look out for those before I submit any details. I am wiser now.

So marketing emails, it wasn’t really ever that much fun but it is over.  I never have enough hours in the day but by taking a couple to press the unsubscribe button a few times has meant that I might just get a few hours back from now on and lots of space in my inbox for lovely emails that I want to read.

Love me.

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  1. March 6, 2017 / 8:53 pm

    I often wonder where half of these places get my email address!! I have unsubscribed to so many recently

  2. March 6, 2017 / 9:03 pm

    Yes! Totally. Love this post. I have found myself doing the same recently. There’s just so much stuff about!

  3. March 9, 2017 / 5:38 pm

    I am so with you on this. I got fed up of scanning through them and deleting so had a massive unsubscribe session. I swear I get signed up for stuff i didn’t agree to too
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