Duvet Dressing, Teen Style

Duvet Dressing, Teen Style

My teenage son has developed a new and rather strange habit.  It has been happening for a little while now I fondly refer to it as ‘duvet dressing’.

He is not a fan of getting up in the morning.  This has been the case for quite a while now.  There must be something about these pre-teen and teen hormones that dictates a distinct hatred of getting up in the morning.  Waking him is a real effort and when I open the curtains, you would think he was a vampire from the way he reacts.

Once we have established that the eyes are open for the day and limbs are fully functioning, I leave him to get dressed. Now ten to fifteen minutes later, you might be fooled into thinking that he hasn’t moved a muscle (although on occasion, he hasn’t).  The first time the duvet dressing took place, I drew breath to launch a tirade of how late we were when he pulled off his duvet with a grin to display his complete school uniform.  He had moved. He was fully dressed and apart from the all important doing the hair, he was ready.

He had moved. Not from under the duvet but he had cleverly negotiated himself into his clothes without getting out of the bed.

Duvet dressing is now the norm and it does make me smile to see him wriggling under the duvet getting dressed.

There are a few reasons why he does this.

Firstly, to give himself a few extra minutes in bed.  Psychologically, this helps him to feel less tired apparently. Secondly, it is warm under there.  Finally, his bedroom is next to the living room and we all use the adjoining bathroom, making his room a bit of a thoroughfare, so staying under the duvet also protects his overactive teenage modesty.

So duvet dressing has become part of our daily routine and as he becomes more and more attached to his bed, I suspect he will come up with other cunning ways to stay in bed longer each morning.  If only I could find a way to get him into bed earlier at night ….

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  1. March 10, 2017 / 6:35 am

    This made me laugh. My sons haven’t discovered this yet, although my eldest often comes down for his breakfast with a duvet wrapped around himself as he’s only wearing pants!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Small Great Things by Jodi PicoultMy Profile

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