How to create an Eggstra special Easter Egg Hunt

How to create an Eggstra special Easter Egg Hunt

We love Easter.  What isn’t to love?  Chocolate. Nicer weather.  Chocolate. A nice two-week break from school.  Chocolate.  Quality family time.  More chocolate.  An excuse to make eggcellent egg related puns.  See what isn’t to love?

Did I mention the chocolate?

How to create an Eggstra special Easter Egg Hunt

There is nothing we love more than a good old hunt for the chocolate on Easter Sunday morning either.  It is always guaranteed to be a crazy time which ends up with my three younger children all running around with more eggs than they can manage. But for all of the crazy, it is a happy time and even the older ones still love hunting for those shiny treasure.

So what is the key to an ‘eggciting’ egg hunt?  Here are a few ideas.

  • Buy a variety of things to find.  There are so many different things to buy and lots of good offers too, so I always try and buy a range of things starting with the bags of very small eggs, eggs without boxes, some eggs in boxes and even treats such as jelly beans or marshmallow.  Variety makes an egg hunt fun as it means that some of the treats are a lot harder to find.


  • Those nets of small, foil wrapped chocolate eggs or shapes are a great buy and a good way of rationing chocolate as you can give children a small handful to eat.  Take a few and wrap them in cellophane with a ribbon and you get a lovely little treat bag

Make some Easter treat bags

  • Hide things inside and out. Indoor egg hunts can be fun as there are lots of great hiding places but there is something rather nice about going out into the garden and enjoying the fresh air as you hunt.  Make sure you don’t leave your chocolate out for too long in the sunshine unless you prefer your chocolate melted, of course.


  • If you want to make you egg hunt more of a challenge, you could add clues in for the children to find, maybe add a couple of smaller eggs or treats when they find a clue and then at the end they could find a hidden stash of Easter treats. You could create an Easter treasure egg map to help them.Add some clues to make your Easter egg hunt more exciting -2


  • There are lots of great Easter Egg Hunt kits with signs and clue cards that can make your egg hunt more structured and you are less likely to forget where everything is too.

Tesco Easter Hunt Signs

  • What about an Easter Pinata? Fill a Pinata with tiny eggs and sweets and get bashing.


  • I love the idea of adding one single letter to each egg which the children have to unjumble to make a word which helps them to find the biggest egg or a special treat.


  • Why not add some Easter craft pack as part of the hunt to give your children some extra activities to do over the holiday?

Easter Craft Packs from Tesco

Don’t forget to add labels or colour code the treats so that the children know which of the treats belong to them.

Top tip – if like me, your memory has far too many things to cope with, write down where you have hidden those eggs or treats or you might find that a few get missed.

So on Easter Sunday, you will find us bunny ears and all, racing around the house and garden searching for little foil wrapped treasures of chocolatey goodness and we had a trial run this weekend as they weather was so lovely and Tesco had sent us a few Easter treats to try.

we're going on an egg hunt

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