Finding the perfect gift for teen boys from Wicked Uncle

Finding the perfect gift for teen boys from Wicked Uncle

I will be the first person to admit that finding presents for teenage boys can be quite tricky.  Firstly, the things they like tend to be on the pricey side.  Secondly, they aren’t kids anymore so there can seem like a lot less choice.  Finally, if they are anything like mine, they are quite fussy.  They have developed their own opinions and tastes.

Introducing Wicked Uncle

When Wicked Uncle challenged me to find some great gift ideas from their website, I handed the job over to my teen.  I gave him the budget, showed him the website and left him to it.

Wicked Uncle Website

Wicked Uncle is an online toy shop and you only have to take a look around the website to see that they are very serious about finding the perfect toys for children, whatever their age.  The people behind Wicked Uncle have chosen all of the gifts carefully and if it is something fun, unusual and different, it’s in.  Everything is tried and tested too to make sure it deserves a place on the website.  I also like the jokes on the About Us page, they did make me chuckle.

Choosing a gift

Choosing a gift is easy.  On the home page, you can choose a boy or a girl and then whatever age they up to 12 and then there is a teen category.  If you prefer to choose your gifts according to the things that interest them, you can click on the Categories link and choose from categories such as cuddly, brainiac or role play.  There are absolutely loads of gifts in each section with lots of gifts coming below the £10 mark.  I have certainly bookmarked a few ideas for that all-important Christmas shopping list.

What would the teen choose?

Back to the teen.  He is 13 going on 20 and everything is very serious these days.  He loves his Xbox and his phone like most boys his age and although other things do interest him, apart from a very expensive clothes habit, he is difficult to shop for.

So what did he think about the selection of teen boy gifts on the Wicked Uncle website? He really liked it.  There were lots of things he liked the look of and he pointed out quite a few things that he would use or play with.  Below is a flavour of the unique gifts ideas available.  From chocolate cleverly disguised as vegetables to games to keep the mind occupied, there are lots of really unusual and brilliant ideas.

Gift Ideas for Teen Boys - Wicked Uncle

A Choice of Chocolate

Chocolate figured quite highly and he would have happily blown the whole budget on the amazing selection of chocolates.  In the end, he chose his favourite, the Fish and Chips quite literally crafted from chocolate.  It did look amazing and I would like to say that I get to try some, but I didn’t. The chocolate disappeared unbelievably quickly but apparently, it was delicious.  There is also a selection of realistic-looking vegetables all made out of chocolate.  That’s one way to get your five a day.

Chocolate Fish and Chips from Wicked Uncle

Gifts for Gadget Lovers

Being a gadget lover, the next thing on his list was the iPad or tablet holder.  A really simple idea, this is a cushion which you can rest your iPad on to.  It means that you are hands-free and it keeps devices at a safe distance from the eyes. Perfect for relaxing or for propping up the iPad to watch something. The holder has a really cool comic strip design which is really cool and colourful.  Both boys like it and I can see I may have to invest in another one as they both find it a really handy resting place for their devices.

coz-e-reader Tablet Cushion

Using the Tablet Holder

Something for the Sporty

I’m pretty sure that I have mentioned balls on this blog on more than one occasion.  They are everywhere.  It comes from having sport-obsessed children.  That is a good thing but I do sometimes feel like I am overrun and I have had lots of conversations about kicking and throwing balls in the house.  So, the teen’s final gift choice from Wicked Uncle was quite a good one.

Foooty Boxed from Wicked Uncle

Foooty is a create your own football kit.  It comes with ten flexible Footy elements and by cleverly interlocking the elements, you can create a football.  When you’re done, take it apart, secure the elements with the band provided and you can take it out with you.  The kit is really clever and my son was impressed when he discovered that he could also make a rugby ball.

Foooty from Wicked Uncle

Wicked Uncle is a brilliant website for present ideas, whatever age you are looking to buy for but my teen was very impressed with the selection for teen boys and if he likes it, it must be good.  Take a look at the website for yourself.
We were given a budget of £40 to pick some gifts from the Wicked Uncle selection of gifts for teenagers.  All opinoins are our own. 





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