Barbie Flip & Reveal Deluxe Styling Head

Barbie Flip & Reveal Deluxe Styling Head

Growing up, there wasn’t the abundance of toys that my kids have today but there were two toys that I really, really wanted.  One was a Mr Frosty and the other was a Girl’s World.  Mr Frosty, sadly, was never to be (until I bought one for my son many years later) but I did get a Girl’s World and I played with it for hours.  Hours and hours.  She had blonde bobbed hair with a slight curl and I spent so many happy hours brushing, combing, putting it up, trying to plait it and trying out different styles.

Barbie Flip and Reveal Deluxe Styling Head Boxed

My seven-year-old daughter has very similar tastes to me when it comes to toys and the one thing she often does with dolls is to endlessly comb and brush their hair and put their hair up in ponytails and plaits.  So I knew that the Barbie Flip & Reveal Deluxe Styling Head from Flair would be the perfect toy for her.  It is a styling head which gives you the option of endless hours of brushing and styling but it comes with lots of extras to add to the fun.

Barbie Flip and Reveal Deluxe Styling Head Unboxed

So what do you get inside the box?

  • 1 styling head
  • 1 hair extension to colour and customize
  • 2 pretend hair foils
  • 1 hair brush
  • 3 hair clips
  • 2 stick on nail sets
  • 1 nail sticker sheet
  • 1 colour mixing bowl
  • 1 mixing brush
  • 1 sponge tip applicator
  • 4 hair bands

As you can see, there is plenty there to keep hairdressers and beauticians of the future very busy indeed.

The Barbie Flip and Reveal Deluxe Styling Head comes with lots of additional accessories to help style Barbie's hair and do her nails and make up

Styling the hair

When you first get Barbie out of the box, I recommend that you use the hairbrush included to give the hair a really good brush to brush out any matting.  A few bits of hair are likely to come out at this stage but I have found this is normal with styling heads.  Once the hair is soft and silky, you are ready to get styling and with three clips and four hair bands, you can create a range of different styles.

Barbie Flip and Reveal Deluxe Styling Head Brush and Hair Band

What is the Flip and Reveal?

The addition of the Flip and Reveal is really cool.  Barbie has one side blonde and one side bright pink.  It has been cleverly designed so that by changing the parting from one side to the other, you can have completely blonde hair or mostly pink hair or a combination of two. My daughter absolutely loves the two colour hair and it allows her to create a range of different colour effect.

With blond or pink hair, you can create a range of different styles and colour effects with the Barbie Flip and Reveal Deluxe Styling Head

What about the nails?

One thing we loved about this Barbie Deluxe Styling Head is that she has hands.  The hands can be positioned under Barbie’s chin, so she is looking very chilled out or you can move them forward ready to be painted. Both the lips and nails are made up of special colour-changing colour which change colour with warm and ice-cold water.  Use the special sponge tip applicator and the colour mixing bowl to add the water and watch the colours change from day colour to dramatic.

Using ice cold water and warm water you can change the lip and nail colour of the Barbie Flip and Reveal Deluxe Styling Head

The Barbie Flip and Reveal Deluxe Styling Head also comes with two sets of stick on nails with additional nail stickers. There are yellow or bright pink nails and it is quite easy to stick the nails on and you can decorate them with the nail stickers if you want to.

Practise doing nails with Barbie Flip and Reveal Deluxe Styling Head

With the Barbie Flip and Reveal Deluxe Styling Head you can use the stick on nails to make Barbie's nails extra glam

Add extra colour to the hair

The set also includes a pink marker pen.  There are two ways of using this.  Firstly, the hair clips also act as stencils, each one has a different shape cut out which looks pretty and using the marker you can colour in the shape on Barbie’s hair.  This is quite tricky and we tried a couple but I think it will take time to perfect as we ended up with pink blobs rather than the shapes on the clips.

There is also a purple mixing brush which looks just like the brush hairdressers use to do highlights and hair colours.  The marker pen clips inside the brush and you can then use it to create pink highlights.  My daughter loved doing this.

Your mini hairdresser can make realistic highlights using the brush and marker pen included with the Barbie Flip and Reveal Deluxe Styling Head

The pink marker pen does wash out too, so any stencil work or highlights aren’t permanent. There are also two pretend hair foils so you can pretend to be a proper hairdresser. The hair extension clips into the bottom of any of the three clips and you can colour it or plait it before you add it to Barbie’s hair.

Do we like the Barbie Flip & Reveal

My daughter loves it.  Her jaw hit the floor when I got it out of the packaging and she has thoroughly enjoyed playing with it.  It is a good size and it looks really appealing. The hands are a great feature and children will love being able to do the nails as well as the hair.  There is a really good mix of accessories which are all easy to use.

For me, I love toys like this as they don’t need batteries and it will encourage hours of independent play.  I know my daughter will happily spend hours practising hair styles and as she wants to start styling her own hair, she is hoping that this will help her. She has already started adding in her own hair accessories too, using hair bands and clips she uses on her own hair.  She has found it easier using her own hair bands as the bands provided are quite small and she was worried about breaking them.

Practising hair styles with Barbie Flip and Reveal Deluxe Styling Head

The RRP is £39.99 and it is available from Very.

Barbie Flip & Reveal Deluxe Styling Head Review

We were sent the Barbie Flip & Reveal Deluxe Styling Head for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are our own. 





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