Making Soap with Project MC2 Adrienne Doll

Making Soap with Project MC2 Adrienne Doll

My daughter loves Project MC2.  Whether she is playing with the dolls, she is doing detective work with her Ultimate Spy Bag or writing secret messages in her A.D.I.S.N. journal.  The whole concept of Project MC2 has captured her imagination from the first doll she received.  Project MC2 is all about dolls which encourage play along with an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).  The Netflix original series sees the Project MC2 girls undertaking missions for the top secret organisation NOV8 and they use their love of science and spy skills to crack the cases.

The new collection of Project MC2 Dolls with experiments for 2017The dolls are super cool geek chic with great clothes and accessories and each comes with their own experiment which kids can do by adding a few household ingredients. We were sent Project MC2 Experiments With Doll Adrienne’s Gummies to review.

Project MC2 Experiments With Doll Adrienne's Gummies in the box The first thing my daughter said when I gave her the box was how lovely the dress is.  She’s right.  Adrienne is wearing a really gorgeous butterfly dress with lots of detail and ruching.  Like all of the other Project MC2 dolls, she also has the coolest footwear, this time pink sandals and spotty ankle socks.

All of the Project MC2 dolls come with gorgeous outfits and the coolest shoes Project MC2 Experiments With Doll Adrienne's GummiesIncluded with the Adrienne doll are glasses, a comb, a plastic gummy mold tray and gummy pen.

What else is included along with the Adrienne Attom doll?

There are also instructions for carrying out the experiment.  With this experiment, you have two options.  Using gelatin, you can make either gummy sweets to eat or soap (be careful not to confuse the two). My daughter couldn’t wait to get stuck into the experiment and decided that we would try making soap. It did involve heating up some of the ingredients in a saucepan so we had to be very careful.

My daughter always enjoys trying out the experiments with the Project MC2 dolls

The experiment was quite simple and involved water, gelatin, salt, food colouring and body soap. Once the mixture had been created, you used the gummy pen to add the mixture to the mold.  It did get a little messy but once refrigerated, we had created little jelly soaps which looked and smelt amazing.

You make the soap mixture and then put it into the gummy mold to create little soap shapes

My daughter loves her Adrienne doll.  She loves the clothes and accessories and especially loves her hair which she has played with non-stop.  The experiment was also a success and I hope that we can have a go at making the gummy sweets with the set soon.  My only small criticism would be that sometimes the ‘household items’ that are needed for the experiments aren’t always things that you would necessarily have in the house.  I do, however, applaud the idea of including the experiments with the dolls as it does give another level of play to them and of course, encourages an interest in science.

Making soap with Project MC2 Experiments With Doll Adrienne's Gummies

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The Project MC2 Experiments With Doll Adrienne’s Gummies was sent for us to review.  All opinions are our own. 




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