My Golden Ticket – A New Personalised Adventure from Wonderbly

My Golden Ticket – A New Personalised Adventure from Wonderbly

Books are the most incredible gift that you can give a child and I am so happy that all of my children are readers.  It has been more of an effort with some but we got there in the end and they all see the huge value of losing themselves in a good book.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Quote about Books

A personalised book can be something really special.  The child’s face, as they realise that they are in the book, is amazing.  The Little Boy or Girl Who Lost Their Name from Wonderbly is the perfect example of a book that has that effect.  I reviewed a copy of the book with my daughter a couple of years ago and it remains one of her favourites still. As the child who has lost their name goes through the story meeting characters and collecting letters, the child doesn’t realise right until the end that they are the main character.  It is a magical book.

We are all huge Roald Dahl fans in this house, the boys have read all of his books and although my daughter is still only just getting into his books, her school play last year was based on the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so it is a story that she already knows and loves.

Wonderbly My Golden Ticket Hardbacked

Wonderbly have a new and exciting addition to their personalised book collection. My Golden Ticket takes the child on their very own exciting adventure to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. A journal style storybook, this very special book takes the child on a Wonkarific adventure inspired by their own name.  I designed a hardback version for my daughter and it has a lovely old-fashioned look to it which I love.

Wonderbly's My Golden Ticket has a wonderful old-fashioned feel to it

The book’s new owner will love reading their special journey around the factory.  It starts with them receiving their very own golden ticket just as Charlie did in the original story.  Their Oompa-Loompa tour guides takes them through an array of wonderful different rooms, seeing wondrous inventions and each story is adapted so that the letters of the recipient’s name are collected as they go along. There are also other personalised elements to the story such as their own unique candy, a unique family tree and their very own Oompa-Loompa song.

Wonderbly's My Golden Ticket has lots of personalised pages such as the recipient's very own candy

How Wonderbly manage to create such a wonderful book based purely on a child’s name is a complete mystery to me but maybe that is part of the magic. It is a beautiful book and one that any child will love.  It has the wow factor when they realise that it is all about them and so cleverly based on their own name.  But there is so much in this book, that it is the type of book in which you will find something new every time you read it.  It is a magical adventure and beautifully illustrated.

The illustrations in Wonderbly's My Golden Ticket Book are amazing and make the book really appealing

Designing the book is quick and easy to do.  Simply add the full name of the child who will be the star of the book and whether they are a boy or a girl and your book is ready to preview in seconds.  Every name gets a different story, so no two adventures are the same.

Inside Wonderbly's My Golden Ticket is a beautiful illustrated story

Once previewed, you can choose from a hardcover (£24.99) or a softcover version(£19.99) of the book. You can also add in a personal dedication which appears on the first page and there is also the option of adding yourself or a specific friend or family member to join the child in the story.  For an extra £3 your book can be delivered in a special Wonka jacket which I really liked and it comes with a sticker to seal it with too once you have had a sneak peek at your creation.

Wonderbly My Golden Ticket Wonka Jacket

Wonderbly’s My Golden Ticket would make an amazing gift for any child and any fan of Roald Dahl.  We absolutely love our copy.  Go to the website and make a preview of your own to see exactly what to expect from My Golden Ticket, I have no doubt that you will love it.

We were given one copy of this book for the purpose of the review.  All opinions and images are our own and all prices were correct at the time of posting. 






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