Are the dress days over?

Are the dress days over?

People told me that this day would come.  Parents of older girls would look admiringly at my daughter in her beautiful dresses when she was younger with a sigh, assuring me that as she got older, her love affair with dresses would be over.  I was always cynical.  No, not my dress-loving daughter. It turns out they might have been right and that the dress days are over.

From about the age of two, my daughter had a very definite idea about what she was going to wear.  She refused even then, to wear jeans and disliked trousers.  But she would wear dresses every single day.  She loved them.  She had a huge collection of party dresses all swirly and brightly coloured and then had more practical dresses that she loved to wear on normal days.  With those dresses came a collection of sparkly tights and pretty shoes.

Having had three boys, I probably indulged her love of dresses too much but I loved and still love to see her wearing dresses.  She looks so lovely in them.

As the years passed by, she would wear leggings but still didn’t like trousers and jeans were an absolute no-no. However, in the last few months, there has been a significant change.  Suddenly, she is choosing to wear trousers. In the summer, she asked me to buy her a couple of pairs of coloured jeans (mainly because they had little pompoms around the end of each leg). She loved them and lived in them over the summer months. Then she fancied a pair of skinny jeans and suddenly my little girl who loved dresses looked much older and was more comfortable in jeans.  I never ever thought that would happen.

Even her school uniform has changed.  Gone are the school pinafore dresses she loved so much for the first few years, now she prefers skirts and on days when she has swimming or PE, she wears trousers (mainly because she says tights just take too long to put on by herself).

She has asked for more jeans for Christmas and it does seem like her collection of dresses in the wardrobe are slowly gathering dust until that fateful time when they get passed onto another little girl.

It does seem sad but I guess it is inevitable.  I still love wearing dresses and when I was working in a school, I wore dresses all the time but now I work from home, it is far more practical to live in jeans and leggings so maybe she is copying me.  Dresses aren’t always practical and I favour long tops or tunics with leggings as they are still feminine but much more practical.

She does still love to be feminine, currently bows are a thing and we recently invested in a couple of the Jojo bows (boy, are they expensive!) and a few cheaper alternatives.  She still loves brightly coloured tops, especially the ones with ‘flippy sequins’ on the front.

Over the next few weeks, we have A’s birthday, a school disco, party day and all the other festivities and I was interested to see if one of the dresses would be resurrected.  Interestingly, she chose a very sparkly tunic and legging set for the school disco which is lovely and we have had a complete nightmare trying to find the perfect sparkly shoes to go with them (mainly because she didn’t like any of the ones we found online). For her birthday party, she is talking about wearing one of her dresses but she isn’t sure.  We will see.

So the dress days do seem to be coming to an end for now at least, maybe this is a right of passage that girls go through but I hope she will still dust off the dresses from time to time as I am really missing them (and they definitely won’t fit me!)

Are the dress days over




  1. December 4, 2017 / 10:57 am

    I can so relate to this! My daughter always loved dresses too, although not so much the pretty, sparkly ones – she liked jumper dresses and slightly more practical ones. She still asked for dresses for her 11th birthday, but I think they have been worn about three times. She lives in leggings or skinny jeans with hoodies. My husband doesn’t like to see his beautiful baby girl dressed like that and has moaned about the number of hoodies she’s got for Christmas, but it’s what she likes! It’s comfortable, practical and still quite stylish, plus it really fits her lifestyle of constantly being in and out of leotards. Who wants to be faffing with tights and tricky zips when they’re getting ready for dance?

  2. December 8, 2017 / 9:16 pm

    I struggle to get my 11 year old in dresses too, and she prefers to wear leggings with ALOT of grey or black tops. Ah I remember those pink glittery dress days like yesterday x

  3. January 8, 2018 / 7:53 pm

    I went through this exact transition and then suddenly fell in love with dresses again at 18ish. I do love my jeans but I’m sure dresses will come back for her too!

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