Finally finding a Christmas Jumper I love from Jolly Christmas Jumper

Finally finding a Christmas Jumper I love from Jolly Christmas Jumper

Ok, I am going to say this out loud.  I really don’t like Christmas jumpers.  I really don’t.  I love Christmas and pretty much everything about it.  But I don’t like Christmas jumpers.  I always buy them (begrudgingly) for the kids and I bought a hideous Christmas tree jumper for my husband that even plays Jingle Bells but I am quite happy to never have owned one of my own.

Until now.

Jolly Christmas Jumper Logo

When Jolly Christmas Jumper contacted me about working with them, I saw the name of the company and inwardly groaned.  Then I took a look at their website and did a little whoop of joy.  Finally, a company that made decent Christmas jumpers, Christmas jumpers that I would happily wear. Result. Plus the images of people wearing the jumpers on the website made me laugh out loud.

The Jolly Christmas Jumper Website

Jolly Christmas Jumper was the brainchild of Bristol-based illustrator and copywriter Jenna Thompson. Looking for a quirky festive jumper, she was uninspired by the selection and started designing her own.  I am so glad she did.

The idea behind Jolly Christmas Jumper is to create simple understated designs that are not cheesy, crass or ugly and I think she has succeeded.


Jolly Christmas Jumper
How amazing are the designs? I think they are fantastic. With wordplay and striking designs, Jenna has created designs which add some festive fun without any unnecessary cheesiness or tackiness. Plus they are guaranteed to make people smile. The designs are available as jumpers (which are cotton sweatshirts) hoodies and t-shirts with adult and children’s sizes.
Rain Deer Charcoal Hoodie from Jolly Christmas Jumper
I love them.  It was really hard to choose one design.  The ‘Hoe Hoe Hoe’ design with the three hoes, appealed to my sense of humour but in the end, I opted for a hoodie with Rain Deer in a charcoal colour depicting, of course, a deer in the rain.  It is brilliant.  The hoodie is excellent quality, made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester, so it will wash and wear really well.  It took five days from ordering to arrive and it will be perfect for the festive season.
Rain Deer Christmas Hoodie from Jolly Christmas Jumper

Whether you are like me and not the hugest fan of festive jumpers or maybe you absolutely love them and are always looking for something new to add to your collection, you really need to check out the Jolly Christmas Jumper website.  The designs are funny, festive and completely wearable and to be honest, most of the designs could be worn long after Christmas.  I am certainly looking forward to wearing my Christmas hoodie and those are words I never expected to hear myself say. 

I was sent a Christmas Hoodie from the Jolly Christmas Jumper FOC for the purpose of the review.  All opinions are my own. 





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