Staccups – A Great Family Game

Staccups – A Great Family Game

We have been playing Staccups a lot over the last few weeks, in fact, since it came out of its box, it hasn’t been put away which is definitely a sign of a good game.

Staccups Boxed

Staccups is as the name would suggest, all about stacking cups.  But you have to stack the cups using high-speed stacking actions and precision placing in order to prove that you have the best hand-eye coordination and beat your opponent.

Staccups Box Contents

In the box, you get the podium stand onto which your cups will be stacked and it also contains a spinner to determine your first pair of colours to be stacked.  There are 32 cups included and they are quite small, there are eight cups of each colour; blue, pink, green and purple. However, and this is where the coordination comes it, the tops (tops because you stack the cups upside down) of the cups are a different colour.

Staccups is a great family game which is frantic, fun and very addictive

Suitable for two to four players, you split the cups equally between you and discard any spares. The spinner determines the first colour combination and your first cup base colour has to match your colour on the spinner.  After that, the aim is to match the base of the cups with the tops and to stack, stack, stack as quickly as you can. The winner is the first person to stack all of their cups.


There are a couple of variations to the game and players can challenge another player if they think they haven’t correctly matched a base and top colour which also adds to the fun of it all.

It takes a little bit of getting used to when you start, but honestly, it is such a fun game.  Fast-paced, frantic cup stacking is my new favourite past-time.  Who knew?

Staccups - no batteries required

There are so many things to like about this game.  Firstly, there are no batteries which I love.  Secondly, it is so simple that anyone can play.  Finally, it is a really fun game, it is quick and being quite compact, it is ideal to pop in your suitcase for holidays.

We would thoroughly recommend Staccups, it is such good fun for the whole family.  It is suggested for children who are eight and over through to adults.  One word of warning, Staccups is very, very addictive and it can bring out the competitive streak in everyone.

We were sent Staccups for the purpose of this review.  All images and opinions are my own





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