Our Top Spots for a Picnic in the Cotswolds

Our Top Spots for a Picnic in the Cotswolds

We live on the cusp of the Cotswolds and it is an area which is really worthy of its title of an area of outstanding natural beauty. Encompassing five counties; Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire, the area is named after the Cotswold Hills which are the central feature.

As a landscape, the Cotswolds is as stunning as it is diverse with ancient villages nestled amongst the rich countryside. Each village has buildings and dry stone walls made from the limestone bricks that are characteristic of the area.

I never take living on the doorstep of such a wonderful area for granted and with many walks to do and places to explore, there is always something new to discover.

When it comes to picnics, the Cotswolds offer endless places to enjoy a relaxing meal with a view. I love a family picnic, there is something really magical about settling down on a blanket with great food and drink and even better company.  If you are looking for some new picnic gear this summer, look no further than Wayfair as they have an incredible range of absolutely everything you would need for the perfect picnic with something to suit every budget.

Wayfair Picnic Range

This summer we have a new picnic cool box to take on our summer holiday picnics courtesy of Wayfair and it is the best thing ever.  The Cricket Cooler is a 33-litre cool box but it is so much more. It is a good sized cool box, suitable for families with hungry kids and it also doubles as a cricket wicket.  A great asset if like me, you have boys who bore easily. The rotating stumps are dual action, they can be used as a cricket stump and as a handle to transport the cool box as it also has rubber wheels.  The box has a really sturdy lid which makes a perfect seat, as my daughter discovered and it also comes with its own bottle opener integrated into the side and also has a drainage tap at the base.  How cool is that?

Cricket Cooler 33L from Wayfair

So where will we be taking our new coolbox this summer?  Here is my top ten picnic spots in the Cotswolds.

Broadway Tower

The village of Broadway is a popular one with tourists and with it’s quaint selection of shops and a fantastic park, it is easy to see why.  Our favourite spot, however, is Broadway Tower.  The tower overlooks the village from the top of Broadway Hill and the view from the bottom and top of the tower are spectacular.  There is lots of space around the tower to set up for a picnic and if you are lucky, the local herd of red deer might be wandering around too.

Picnic at Broadway Tower

There is  charge to climb Broadway Tower but you can find out a lot more about the history of the tower and also see which counties you can see in the distance from the top.  You don’t have to climb up, the views from outside the tower are incredible and there are lots of places to set up for a picnic.

Our Top Spots for a Picnic in the Cotswolds - Broadway Tower

Bourton on the Water

Bourton on the Water is one of my favourite places to visit and I am so lucky that it is only a 30 minute drive from our home.  The village is stunning and the shallow River Windrush gently runs alongside the main road making it one of the prettiest places in the area and also a great place to relax and unwind with a picnic.

Our Top Spots for a Picnic in the Cotswolds - Bourton on the Water

There are lots of great family activities to do in Bourton on the Water too once you have finished your lunch.  Get lost in the Dragon Fly Maze, visit Birdland Park and Gardens or the Cotswold Motor Museum which is where you will find Brum from the Ragdoll series (if you are old enough to remember him).

Our Top Spots for a Picnic in the Cotswolds - Bourton on the Water
Copyright: phil_bird / 123RF Stock Photo

Leckhampton Hill

If you are in or around the regency town of Cheltenham, Leckhampton Hill is the place to go to get the best possible views of the area.  From here, you can get a breathtaking view of Cheltenham and the surrounding Cotswolds and it is worth the climb.

Our Top Spots for a Picnic in the Cotswolds - Leckhampton Hill
Copyright: chrisatpps / 123RF Stock Photo

Blenheim Palace

Birthplace and ancestral home of Sir Winston Churchill, Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire is as impressive as it’s history.  Now the residence of the Duke of Malborough, Blenheim is a World Heritage Site and a hugely popular tourist attraction inside and out.  The palace and gardens are fascinating to explore and when you have walked in Churchill’s footsteps, the gardens make the perfect place to stop and enjoy a leisurely picnic lunch.

Our Top Spots for a Picnic in the Cotswolds - Blenheim Palace

There is a charge for entry into Blenheim Palace but it is well worth spending a day there as there is so much to see and do while you are there.

Pitville Park, Cheltenham

Cheltenham has many examples of Regency architecture but one of the most famous and eye-catching of them is Pitville Pump Rooms. Sadly the Pump Rooms are not open but around this impressive building is a lovely green space, perfect for picnics and play and not far from a lake and an impressive park which was refurbished a short time ago.

Our Top Spots for a Picnic in the Cotswolds - Pitville Pumprooms Cheltenham


Hidcote Manor Garden, Chipping Camden

A popular National Trust property in Gloucestershire, Hidcote Manor is a wonderful place to take the children as the gardens are a beautiful landscape where children can run, explore, hide and generally enjoy the great outdoors. The viewas are also amazing and there are lots of shady spots with a view, perfect for a family picnic.

Our Top Spots for a Picnic in the Cotswolds - Hidcote Manor, Chipping Camden

White Horse Hill, Uffington

The chalk horse cut into the White Horse Hill in Uffington, Oxfordshire, is a well-known landmark dating back to the Bronze Age and it has fascinated passers-by and tourists for many years.  With an iconic view like this, why not take time to take it all in with a family picnic.  With lots of other interesting places to visit nearby, this is a truly fascinating place to spend a day. And the sight of this mysterious creature never, ever gets old.

Our Top Spots for a Picnic in the Cotswolds - White Horse Hill, Uffington

By USGS (World Wind (go)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Those are a few of our top spots for a picnic in the Cotswolds, some you can stay just for the picnic whereas some are worthy of a day or two.  There are other places too such as the Forest of Dean where there are endless walks, trails, cycling and lots to explore with some fantastic picnic areas.  We haven’t been there very much at all, but definitely, plan to this summer.  The Cotswold Water Park is another place that as yet has eluded us but with miles of lakes and even a man-made beach, many people have recommended it. Also worth a mention are Adam Henson’s Cotswold Farm Park and The Cotswold Wildlife Park, both great family days out and very picnic-friendly.

Our Top Spots for a Picnic in the Cotswolds

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Our Top Spots for a Picnic in the Cotswolds
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Our Top Spots for a Picnic in the Cotswolds
If you live or are visiting the Cotswolds this summer, it is a truly beautiful part of the country and these are our top spots which are perfect for stopping for a picnic
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  1. July 30, 2018 / 9:07 am

    Some great suggestions! We don’t go on anywhere near enough picnics or days out. I love Bourton on the Water and haven’t been there for years.

  2. July 30, 2018 / 7:40 pm

    I can’t believe there is a cooler box that doubles as cricket wickets! That’s amazing!!!

  3. July 30, 2018 / 8:26 pm

    Oo great places – we love visiting the Cotswolds for a day every now and again 🙂 It’s so clever that the cool box doubles up as wickets too!

  4. July 30, 2018 / 11:46 pm

    What a great lot of suggestions and I love the coolbox! Keep meaning to go to Broadway Tower – it is free with English Heritage membership so need to go before ours runs out.

  5. July 31, 2018 / 12:07 pm

    Wow I never knew there were so many beautiful places to visit in the Cotswolds. And that cool box really looks the part!

  6. July 31, 2018 / 12:09 pm

    Some great suggestions. We love Bourton on the Water and Blenheim Palace. That looks like a great coobox too – could have done with it for Camp Bestival

  7. July 31, 2018 / 5:09 pm

    Love the suggestions here. Planned to do a bit of travelling this year. There are so many lovely places to visit.

  8. July 31, 2018 / 10:27 pm

    I have never been to the Cotswolds but am desperate to visit Bleinham palace. Thank you for all the amazing info.
    The cooler box is a nifty piece of kit. I would love one to take to festivals with us.

  9. August 2, 2018 / 1:53 am

    Thanks for sharing this as I love the Cotswolds and it’s a place I want to explore more this summer. Also how cool is this picnic box – what ace idea

    Laura x

  10. August 2, 2018 / 11:42 pm

    The Broadway Tower is phenomenal! My friend has visited it recently, and she made me fall in love with it. But I guss I need to shape up to climb those stairs 🙂 She said the exact same thing, though- the views outside the tower are fantastic, too X

  11. August 22, 2018 / 8:47 am

    I live in Oxfordshire and seen most of these but yet to venture to Hidcote Manor, looks like such an amazing place to visit.

  12. October 15, 2018 / 10:38 am

    I love the coolbox idea and this looks like such a great list of suggestions!

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