Tumble Tree from Coiledspring Games

Tumble Tree from Coiledspring Games

We love a new game in this house. As soon as Tumble Tree from Coiledspring Games arrived, I knew it would be a hit.  It ticks all of the boxes we require for a family game in this house.  Portable.  Easy to understand the rules.  Colourful.  Easy to play.  Unpredictable and fun.

The idea behind Tumble Tree is really simple.  The game comes in a tree-shaped tin that contains lots of brightly coloured circular cards (108 to be precise).  There are a number of different cards and each type of card has its own instruction.  The leopard card has to be thrown, the bat card has to be dropped from above with your eyes closed, the snakes slither in between two other cards, the monkeys swing on the edge of the tree and don’t touch the bees, they will sting.  As you follow the commands, you create the canopy of a baobab tree (a short sprawling tree found in parts of Africa and Australia) on top of the tin.

Tumble Tree is a card game with a difference

Each instruction has been designed to make the placement a bit more challenging as the canopy increases. Then, as the cards spread out and hang ominously over the canopy, so do the chances of them falling and all cards that fall during your turn are your penalty cards. The person with the least cards left at the end is the winner, so you have to watch out for those penalty cards.

Tumble Tree from Coiledspring Games is a great fun family game

It is such a fun game.  After a few turns, you get used to what to do with each card.  There are two instruction cards that tell you clearly what to do with each one. You can decide each time whether to use 1,2 or 3 cards and even though I used 3 every time, I still lost as I had so many penalty cards at the end of each game. 

Enjoying playing Tumble Tree from Coiledspring Games

Tumble Tree is a really great family game.  I can see why it was the winner of Best Children’s Game at UK Games Expo 2017. Not only is it really fun to play, it is fast-paced and doesn’t take too long to complete the game.  As the cards live inside the tin when you are finished playing, it is easy to store and also a perfect travel game as you can easily pop it into a bag or a suitcase. All that for £14.99 which is good value.

It is suitable for 2 – 4 players and the suggested age is 6+.  My daughter is 8 and she loved it. You can find more about Tumble Tree and lots of other fantastic games and puzzles on the Coiledspring Games website

We were sent Tumble Tree free of charge in return for an honest review.  All opinions and images are my own.

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