Those things that I do that I know I shouldn’t

Those things that I do that I know I shouldn’t

As a parent, you should lead by example, shouldn’t you? Good positive role models. I do know that but there are times when I want to stamp my feet, slam doors and swear at the children. I don’t, somehow I manage to control myself, well I might slam the occasional door. But I can admit that I am far from perfect.  Very far.  There are lots of things that I do that I know I shouldn’t but hey, who is perfect.  Here are a few  of those things that I do that I know I shouldn’t

I would never swear at the kids even though there are days and times when I really would love to.  But I do swear in the car.  There is something about other drivers that make me do it.  I can’t help it.  We all make mistakes and I am in no way a perfect driver, but I do try and be a polite and courteous driver.  Sadly I am in a minority as my poor language in the car will testify to. 

If I could I would eat takeaway food every day.  I really would.  There was a time a couple of years ago when I would pick my kids up on a Tuesday and they would say “ooh it’s two for one Tuesday”.  At that point, I realised that maybe I had ordered one too many pizzas from the well-known pizza chain who do two for one on a Tuesday.  We didn’t do it every Tuesday, honestly, but it was quite a regular occurrence. The thing is that I do love cooking and I do cook lots of meals from scratch but life with teens and tweens and with my tutoring often happening in the evenings, there is never enough time.  So I do like a takeout, everyone eats it without moaning, there is no preparation or much washing up.  What’s not to love?

I eat Nutella off the spoon.  Come on, if you have never done that, you have not lived.  If you are slightly deranged and don’t like Nutella (other brands of chocolate hazelnut spread are available), I can see that being a bit of an issue.  But seriously,  a spoonful of that delicious brown stuff is simply the best way to eat it.

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

I buy ready grated cheese. Shut the front door.  That’s one hell of a confession, isn’t it? I watch all those programmes, you know the ones where they revolutionise people’s food buying habits.  They make jokes about how quick and easy it is to grate cheese.  Yes, I know but in a family that eats a lot of cheese, it is so much easier to buy it ready grated.  I will add here that I also buy sliced cheese too.  Awful, I know.

If I buy a multipack of crisps for the “family” to share, I eat them all. Chocolate is safe in this house but anything vaguely crisp like haunts me.  I know it is there in the kitchen, calling to me and I lose all control.  I just love them and I can never have one packet, oh no.  In fact, there has been the odd occasion where I may have taken out a whole multipack in one go.  I also have similar issues with sharing bags of crisps too.  Very dangerous, so I try very hard not to buy them then I won’t be tempted. 

I drink far too much tea.  I know I should drink water but it just isn’t as good as tea.  I try and reassure myself that my 20 cup a day habit really isn’t that bad.  I don’t have sugar and just a splash of milk, so it isn’t too many calories per cup.  Surely drinking a litre of fizzy pop or endless cups of fruit juice would be worse.  I do have the occasional hot chocolate when I am out but generally, tea is my thing. I just love it. I have tried healthier versions of tea.  I have tried decaffeinated tea.  To be perfectly honest they taste like something you would feed to your plants.  Not for me.  Proper black tea with milk all the way for me I’m afraid. 

Photo by Laura Johnston on Unsplash

Home and Away is my guilty TV secret.  When people are talking about soap operas and how awful they are, I tend to go quite quiet for fear that my Home and Away addiction makes me sound like I am about twelve.  Years ago, I watched them all, British and Australian, but to be honest, they are pretty depressing and the same old storylines get recycled over and over.  About three years ago, a friend of mine was talking about a particular storyline in Home and Away and as I started to watch it.  Pretty soon I was sucked back in.  Now I watch it daily and my daughter watches it with me too.  It is rubbish I know, but it is 20 minutes of mindless TV and the backdrops and people are pretty so I prefer them to the British soaps. 

I ‘m not really a fan of exercise. I know I should do it, I do occasionally make a pathetic attempt but to be honest, I don’t really have the time and when I do, there are about a million other things that I would rather do.  I do walk quite a lot but that is it.  The kids are all encouraged to do sport and exercise and I am more than happy to support them, take them, stand on the side and watch but do it? Not a chance.  

As far as bad habits go, these aren’t terrible things but I wouldn’t be in the slightest bit surprised if my kids all grow up to be soap opera-obsessed, take away food loving, caffeine addicts who have no idea what a grater would be used for.  It could be worse though, couldn’t it?

Those things that I do that I know I shouldn't
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Those things that I do that I know I shouldn't
As a parent, we are meant to be good role models for our children, but nobody can be that perfect all the time can they?
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Stressy Mummy

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