We’re having a Hatchimals Hatchibaby

We’re having a Hatchimals Hatchibaby

We’re having a baby and it is going to be an EGGstra specially EGGciting arrival as it one of the brand new HatchiBabies.

We're EGGspecting! Hatchimals HatchiBabies

Launched today, HatchiBabies is the latest addition to the Hatchimals family and they need lots of love and care to help them hatch and come to life.

Waiting for the Hatchimals HatchiBabies to hatch

HatchiBabies arrive inside a large speckled egg which is very familiar to Hatchifans.  However, this egg is more exciting than before as there is more in-egg play.  Not only does the egg respond to your touch and movement but if you put it on a flat surface, it also rocks gently back and forth.  The biggest surprise is yet to come however as you have no idea if you are going to hatch a boy or a girl.

Hatchimals HatchiBabies Will it be a boy or a girl

Once activated, the egg responds straight away and your HatchiBaby’s eyes light up and it starts chattering and making really cute noises. The HatchiBaby already interacts with you and you can snuggle, tap, hug and pat the egg to keep it happy and the more you play with it, the more excited it becomes.  Put it down and it rocks itself excitedly. HatchiBaby’s eyes change colour to show you what it needs. Red means it is upset and yellow is happy, blue eyes mean its cold, green is sick, white sleepy and orange is gassy.  If the eyes are pink hold the egg and listen to the heartbeat and if the eyes are off, it is listening and waiting.

It is really exciting to be able to interact with your HatchiBaby in its egg and it really helps to build up the excitement of the new arrival by tapping, tilting, rocking, rubbing and patting the egg. My daughter absolutely loved the fact that you can tap the egg and it taps back with the exact same pattern.  It is very cool.

Rainbow eyes are the sign we were waiting for as that shows that it is hatching time and you will soon be able to meet your new friend.  Pretty soon the hatching starts and you can help your HatchiBaby by rubbing the egg to encourage it and the shell breaks to reveal either a Ponette or a Cheetree, the two species of HatchiBabies.

It's hatching! Hatchimals HatchiBabies

When it has finished hatching, the HatchiBaby will sing Hatchy Birthday and you can peel back the rest of the egg and take out your Hatchibaby.

It's a girl! And it's a Ponette! Hatchimals HatchiBabies

So what did we have?  It was a girl.  A Ponette girl and it is the cutest thing.  My daughter fell in love with her Ponette immediately and couldn’t wait to give it lots and lots of cuddles, which the Hatchibaby loves. It is soft and fluffy with big eyes and tiny wings.

The HatchiBaby responds to you as soon as it has hatched

The EGGcitement does not end there.  Tucked away inside are four hidden accessories; a rattle, a brush,  a bottle and a very cute cuddle buddy. There is also a secret message which will confirm if you have a hatchiboy or a hatchigirl. Once you have decided on a name, you can fill in the special birth certificate that comes with your HatchiBaby.

The HatchiBaby Egg contains a secret message confirming if you have a hatchiboy or a hatchigirl

The accessories are a really nice addition as they help you to look after your HatchiBaby. When it is upset, the cuddle buddy will help to calm and the HatchiBaby will chatter away to it in Hatchilanguage. The bottle is essential for feeding and if placed in the HatchiBaby’s mouth when the eyes turn purple and gently push up on the lower beak, it will make drinking sounds until it is full. The rattle will make it sing and dance.  The rattle and cuddle buddy have to be placed in a certain way and position to work, the tips and tricks sheet that comes with your HatchiBaby explains how to use all of the accessories correctly.

New Hatchimals HatchiBabies come with 4 hidden accessories that help you play with your HatchiBaby

In addition to the amazing accessories, the egg can be used as a highchair, simply pull out the circular plastic ring that holds the secret accessories and place it back in the egg the other way up and you have a hatchihighchair. The perfect place to pop your HatchiBaby to calm down or play.

Hatchimals HatchiBabies - even the egg doubles as a high chair

Your HatchiBaby’s eyes will tell you once again how it is feeling and what it needs from you.  Red eyes show that it isn’t happy and yellow means it is. White eyes show that it is sleepy, pink is cuddly, purple means it is hungry, blue scared or sad, green means that it is poorly and orange is gassy so it will need burping.

Meet our HatchiBaby it is a girl Ponette

But there is more.  HatchiBabies can also play with you. You can teach it to talk and copy what you say.  It will play peekaboo with you when you cover its eyes. Plus there are two games; Bouncy Baby and Animal Colours where you play actual games with your HatchiBaby which is a really fun feature. It is very much like having a real baby where you play, burp, tickle and snuggle with your baby and it responds to you.

Each HatchiBaby also has a secret trick.  To discover your HatchiBaby’s trick, hold the back of your baby’s head and touch their forehead sensor twice at the same time and see what it does.

Hatchimals HatchiBabies are cute and cuddly and come with four hidden accessories

I know that Hatchifans old and new will love these cute additions to the Hatchimals family.  My daughter absolutely fell in love with her HatchiBaby as soon as it hatched.  It looks “adorable” and even has its own little nappy. She loves the way it responds to her and the different ways that she can interact with her and play with her.  The accessories are also a great addition and I know that she will play with her HatchiBaby a lot.

I think this face says it all.

My daughter certainly loves her Hatchimals HatchiBaby

HatchiBabies are available to buy now at Smyths, The Entertainer, Argos, Amazon and all good retailers. Find out more about HatchiBabies on the Hatchimals website.

We were sent a Hatchimals HatchiBaby in return for this review.  All images and opinions are our own. 


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