Why smart parents watch Twitch videos with kids

Why smart parents watch Twitch videos with kids

Video games carry excellent benefits for kids. According to studies, video games assure great cognitive boost for little minds.  These games have shown to improve memory, coordination skills, problem-solving abilities and so on. In fact, smart parents watch Twitch videos with kids. Twitch is one of the most favourite platforms for streaming gaming videos. Gamers upload different gaming videos so that other users on the platform can learn from them. The post below explains why it’s amazingly cool for parents to watch Twitch videos with kids.

Great bonding

Watching Twitch gaming videos with kids will result in improving parent-child relationships. There is nothing more awesome in the world than spending time with your little ones but it’s becoming a rarity these days. In today’s time-stripped world, kids crave for the attention of the parents. Most of the teen problems that we observe today are because of the unhealthy relationship between parent & children.

It’s crucial to develop a strong bond with your kids from their early age and Twitch videos are a great help here. These are fun, entertaining and kids love them as these offer them gaming insights. And, they will be elated to know that their mom or pop has decided to watch their favourite videos with them. It will make them feel, both of you are on an almost equal pedestal and that you are friends now. This very felling will bring them closer to you.

You may not be able to follow the routine every day. But at least, try to make it a practice twice or thrice a week. These video sessions will become lasting memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Track on what they watch

When you watch Twitch videos with kids, you are also able to keep tabs on what they are actually playing and watching. It’s a smarter way to monitor over them without alerting them. At times, some video games feature too much violence which could be overwhelming for little minds. You certainly don’t want to expose your little one to such disturbing scenes. When you watch Twitch videos with them, you can guide them towards harmless yet fun videos and keep them safe from the hostile ones.

The joy of learning new things together

Twitch videos are helpful to learn gaming styles and strategies for new games in the market. And, when you watch them with your kid, both of you learn together. It’s an amazing feeling to learn something new with your kids. It’s like as if you two are exploring something together and that’s fantastic. Any parent will cherish that and their kids too. Be sure to keep that child in you alive while you two are exploring new Twitch videos.

Now, what if you can’t watch the Twitch videos when they are streaming live on the online platform? Would that mean you would have to miss out on your coveted gaming video? Certainly not. The best tip here is to download the video. But, how to download Twitch videos? The good news is today you have Movavi Screen Recorder that will enable you to download the videos when they are being streamed on Twitch platform. The program will download the video and save it on your computer or laptop so that you can check it with your munchkin anytime.

Why smart parents watch Twitch videos with kids

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