11 Things you should do between Christmas and New Year

11 Things you should do between Christmas and New Year

I discovered a new phrase today: Chrimbo Limbo. I had heard someone use it and I thought, yes!  That is the exact phrase that describes that period of time between Christmas and New Year.  It sounds far better than ‘Twixmas’, that just makes me want to eat chocolate. But Chrimbo Limbo describes it perfectly, that period of a few days where we come down from the excitement of a visit from Father Christmas before we get the chance to pick everything back up and start the new year.

But what do you do in that week? Everything slowly grinds back into action after the festivities and if you are not a seasonal sales shopper, or you don’t have to go back to work straight away, this is a time to take stock and enjoy some quality time with friends and family.  And maybe, just maybe take the time to do some of those things that you never get time to do the rest of the time.

Spend quality time with the people you love the most

The week between Christmas and the new year is a real lull and it is so lovely to have a few days without any distractions.  There is nothing that really needs doing, so snuggle up and watch a film together, go for a family walk or just do nothing and enjoy each other’s company before the busy normality resumes.

Pamper yourself

Do you find it difficult to find time to take some much-needed me-time? Now is your chance, so indulge in a long soak in the bath or a few home beauty treatments to give your hair and skin a nice boost.

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Go and visit that Christmas event or attraction you didn’t have time to do before

Many events and attractions that are put on especially for Christmas carry on for a few days or weeks after Christmas.  Although it doesn’t have the same magic that it might have had before Christmas, the advantages of waiting until after is that they might be quieter and you won’t be as stressed as you might have been before.  We were hoping to fit in a trip to London before Christmas but we ran out of time.  I am quite excited to go between Christmas and New Year as it means that we can still experience the festive atmosphere and see all of the Christmas lights without the pre-Christmas frenzy.

Dig out the old favourite board games

Some of those classic board games can take a while to play and so this is the perfect time to dust off the classics such as Scrabble, Monopoly or Cluedo and challenge family or friends to play too. If longer games aren’t for you or they cause too much family tension, try something quicker or set up a few games and have a family board game marathon.

Binge on some box sets

Those TV programs that everyone raved about during the year that you couldn’t quite squeeze into your schedule? Now is the perfect time to indulge in a spot of box set bingeing without having to feel in the slightest bit guilty.

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Get your skates on

There are lots of festive ice rinks around the country and they provide lots of family fun (especially if like me, you cling to the side the whole time, giving everyone a good laugh!) Skating is a brilliant way to while away a couple of hours and with the advantage of getting some much-needed fresh air and exercise.  Plus, they might be slightly less busy after Christmas too.

Clear out some clutter

If you are looking around the house wondering where on earth you are going to put all the new presents, it is time for a clear out.  I always say I will do this before Christmas but invariably I have no time to do it. Why not set aside an afternoon to have a clear out and sort out a pile of things to take to the local charity shops? It creates space and you are doing something good in the process.

Write some thank you notes

With everyone now operating on an online and digital basis, the humble thank you note seems to be a thing of the past. But people do love handwritten notes.  Invest in a few note cards and spend some time really thanking people for their gifts and maybe add a few lines about your Christmas if the notes are for people who you don’t see very often.

11 Things you should do between Christmas and New Year

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Reflect on the past year and think about the new one

I am not a believer in resolutions.  Unless you are someone with formidable self-discipline, resolutions are flimsy little things that are just asking to be broken.  I prefer to take some time to reflect on events and achievements of the previous twelve months and think about what I would like to achieve in the year ahead. Last year, for the first time, I chose a word for the year and this really helped me to focus on what I wanted to achieve throughout the year.

Blow away the cobwebs with some wintery walks

The weather at this time of year is often quite mild making ideal conditions for family walks.  Whether you choose an old favourite or fancy exploring somewhere new, family walks are a great way of getting everyone off their screens and chatting together. You will all feel better afterwards.

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Start your Christmas shopping

Oh yes, you could!  With so many sales on from Boxing day onwards, there are lots of bargains to be had, so why not start your Christmas shopping early and put a few things away for next Christmas.  It is also a good time to stock up on birthday or party presents for the next few months too.


Whatever you do decide to do, make your you relax and enjoy as before long, everyone will be back at work and school and life will be back to it’s usual hectic self.



11 Things you should do between Christmas and New Year
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11 Things you should do between Christmas and New Year
It is the time between Christmas and New Year and if you are looking for something to do during 'Chrimbo Limbo', then I have some ideas to inspire you
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  1. December 29, 2018 / 7:10 am

    Wise words and we’ve definitely done a few of these! This is literally the only time of year when we stop, so we try to make the most of it. My husband even works when we’re on holiday and Christmas is the only time he doesn’t need to. I’m very happy for it to go on a few more days.
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