How to make your pet Instagram famous

How to make your pet Instagram famous

If you thought Instagram was just for pouting selfies and cute kids, you would be wrong, as more and more pet owners are setting up accounts for their much-loved pets and some of them are seriously popular.  Known as ‘petworking’ some animal accounts stack up some serious stats with accounts such as Jiffpom the seriously cute Pomeranian (who has nearly 9 million followers) and realgrumpycat racking up seriously high numbers of likes for each photo posted.

If you are the proud owner of the perfect pooch, a cute kitty or some other charming creature, why not set up an account for them and make them Instagram famous.

But where do you start?  Well, the first thing is to take some great photos that ooze charm and cute.  That way you will soon attract followers who want to see more. But taking the perfect photo of your pets can be tricky.  Here are a few top tips.

Be patient.

Your pet may not always be ready to perform, so you may have to take a few photos before you get the perfect shot.

Use natural light

Taking photos of animals often requires flash and this can be really upsetting for them and won’t always ensure you get the best photo in the end.  Most animals are happiest outdoors and this not only helps create the right mood for your photo, but it also gives you the best light conditions to get that perfect shot.

Get their attention

Unless they are sleeping, most pets won’t stay still for very long. Have a few tricks up your sleeve to get their attention, maybe make a funny noise, have a squeaky toy in your hand, ideally have a willing assistant who can attract the animal’s attention while you are taking photos. Have some treats or toys from the range of cheap pet products from HiHouse on hand to help you.

Get down to their level

Your shots need to be sharp, in focus and to show off your pets, so get down to their level to take the photos, that way your pet will feel more at ease and you will be able to get some great close-ups.

Once you have discovered the art of capturing your perfect pet photos, here are some great tips from HiHouse all about making your pet Instagram famous. If you want some inspiration, I recommend taking a look at Jiffpom and realgrumpycat to see how it’s done.


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