Encouraging your family to drink more water with Zero Water

Encouraging your family to drink more water with Zero Water

We all need to drink more water. It can be challenging with so many other options available but drinking several glasses of water a day have so many benefits.

  • it is far more cost-effective than other drinks
  • it increases energy levels
  • it can reduce the common side effects of dehydration such as headaches, fatigue and dizziness
  • it can help you to focus and concentrate more
  • it can help with weight loss
  • it flushes out toxins
  • it can improve the condition of your skin

Those are just some of the benefits and when I read that list alone, I think to myself “why on earth do I not drink more water?”

Encouraging your family to drink more water with Zero Water

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When it comes to drinking water, I am generally the one who lets the side down in this house as I drink endless (and I mean endless) cups of tea throughout the day and night.  But I don’t drink much water.  Over the years, we have managed to convince the kids to drink more water and apart from one stubborn teenager, the others are really good as is their father.

One of the huge disadvantages of regularly drinking water is when you buy bottled water.  In the UK alone, we buy a staggering amount of bottled water and that has a huge environmental impact. This is a problem that is costing us both financially and environmentally.

ZeroWater website

ZeroWater maybe just the solution you need to get your family drinking more water this year.  ZeroWater have created a range of products to filter tap water using their unique filter which are perfect to encourage you to drink more water every day.  The ZeroWater filter has a 5-stage process which removes all total dissolved solids.  The filters are certified for lead and chromium reduction and have been third-party tested to remove 99% of chlorine, fluoride, radium and asbestos.  In other words, a glass of ZeroWater filtered water gives you tasty filtered water with all of the things you don’t need, taken out.

ZeroWater 12 Cup 2.8 litre Filter Water Jug

The ZeroWater range includes a portable travel and sports water bottle, a water jug that fits into your fridge door, larger 10 cup or 12 cup jugs and a 23 cup dispenser.  Some of the products in the range come with a free TDS meter. This clever little device measures the total dissolved solids in water.  I tested my tap water fresh out of the tap and the meter read around 170.  After being filtered through the ZeroWater jug, it was zero.

ZeroWater 12 Cup 2.8 litre Filter Water Jug Box Contents

ZeroWater sent me the 12 cup 2.8-litre jug to try out and I have to say that I am very impressed.  I can slot it into the fridge or keep it on the table.  It holds enough water for us all to use throughout the day and it is really fresh tasting.  The jug also comes with the TDS meter which slots into the top and it even has a ‘push to dispense’ spout for easy pouring. I like the ZeroWater system as it gives me peace of mind that not only am I drinking and giving my family water that is much purer and better tasting, but it will also mean that we will not have to buy bottled water all of the time which is so much better for the environment and should save us money over time.

ZeroWater 2.8 Litre Water Filter Jug

The ZeroWater 12 cup 2.8 litre costs £39.99 and comes with the free TDS and one filter.  Replacement filters cost £14.99 for a pack of two filters or £19.99 for four.


We were sent the ZeroWater 12 cup Jug for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own. 



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ZeroWAter 12 cup 2.8 Litre Water Jug
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  1. January 29, 2019 / 1:43 pm

    I use a water filter jug (and drink LOADS of water) and have done for many years, but this one sounds really good. I will check these out next time I need to replace my jug.
    You do know that drinking tea is fine though, right? It’s still liquid and it’s still predominantly water! I went to an event a few years back where they said that drinking tea and squashes is just as good as drinking water as it basically is water and doesn’t have added sugar. I drink water because I like it, but my family are less keen. With them it’s more a case of getting them to drink anything! (Luckily they don’t have fizzy drinks, with the exception of one of them on special occasions!)

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