Caring For Yourself As A New Mum


Caring For Yourself As A New Mum

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Having a baby can be physically and mentally draining. Whilst the priority may be to look after your baby, this shouldn’t come at the expense of not looking after yourself. Caring for yourself as a new mum can help you to physically recover faster and mentally adjust to your new life. Here are just several tips for looking after yourself as a new mum.

Accept help from family and friends

It’s important to accept help from the people around you. Friends and family may volunteer to cook meals, do household chores or even look after your little one for an hour whilst you sleep or take a bath. In the first week, this type of support is vital. Don’t feel you can’t ask the people around you to help either – you don’t have to wait for people to extend their support.

Dress comfortably

No-one is expecting you to dress up as a new mum. Wear loose and cosy clothing that’s easy to sleep if you need to take a powernap whilst your little one is asleep. Now is not the time to attempt to wear those tight jeans.

Reorganise your home for your convenience

You can make life easier for yourself by arranging your home to fit your needs as a mother. This could include putting the cot beside the bed so you don’t have to get out of bed in the night and having baby supplies in every room such as nappies, wipes and bibs for easy access.

Don’t stay indoors

It’s important that you don’t stay cooped up inside all day – the fresh air will be good for you and your baby. In fact, you could make it your mission to go out of the house every day, even if it’s just to go to the local shop to get some milk. On top of the fresh air being good for you, the exercise could help you to shed off some of that pregnancy weight.

Keep an eye on birth injuries

It’s important that any birth injuries heal up well. Make sure that there isn’t any excessive bleeding or infection. You may be able to get compensation with the help of a birth injury lawyer if you feel that something went wrong. Always speak to a doctor if you’re uncertain about anything.

Know when to get mental support

Many new mums suffer from post-natal depression. Don’t be afraid to get help if you’re feeling incredibly down. Doctors will usually prescribe anti-depressants that work for many women, but not everyone. Getting counselling or joining a support group could also help in trying to overcome any negative feelings. Make sure that you’re also surrounding yourself with friends and family who can often remind you that you’re not entirely alone – if you don’t feel you have this network around you, you can always go out and try and make new friends (joining new mum groups could be a great way to meet fellow new mums to talk out your problems with).

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