How to save money on flooring renovation

Our poor carpets have been battered first by babies, then toddlers and preschoolers who seemed to spill things for fun and then older children with muddy shoes, scooters and bikes. It is no wonder that they are in a bad way. It was a conscious decision not to replace the flooring until they were older as there didn’t seem a lot of point.  Now I am ready to get the job done and I really want to rip out all of the carpets and replace them.  As my son is allergic to dust mites, carpet is not great as it doesn’t matter how many times you hoover, you never get rid of them, so for me, I would prefer to have laminate flooring throughout the entire house.

Now, I just need to make a decision about what to buy but also keeping my budget in mind, I am also looking to be able to renovate all of the floors without breaking the bank. So how can you renovate all of your flooring and keep the costs down?

Shop around

This is my philosophy with all shopping, to be honest, but it comes into its own when you are looking to make a major investment for things around the house.  Not only should you take the time to shop around online, visit some local shops as sometimes they can have some good deals.  If it is still too expensive and you have time on your hands, it is worth waiting for offers.   If you are planning on doing more than one room, the saving you can make will be worth waiting for.

 Do it yourself

Whilst I can see the benefits of paying someone to lay flooring for you, these days many of the flooring options available are fairly user-friendly.  Before you buy the tools for the job, check what you already have in your toolbox, ask around friends and neighbours and see what you can borrow and finally if you still need something, see if it is possible to hire it before you invest in something that you will never use again.

If it the first time you have ever done anything like this, there is lots of help available such as online tutorials which will give you a step by step guide to getting the job done.

Consider what sort of flooring you will need 

When you are considering new flooring, think about how each room is used and what the best type of flooring would be for that room.  It sounds like an obvious thing, but if you are replacing the flooring in the hallway, for example, carpet might seem like a great option but with the amount of use and muddy shoes that pass through, carpet may not be the wisest option in the long term.

Choose quality

Quality flooring may not save you money initially but the investment will save you money in the long term as it will not need replacing for many years and will withstand the test of time.  Quality brands give you peace of mind as they generally offer longer guarantees.

However, comparing the specification of a branded flooring range to non-branded can save you money. If the specifications and warranties are identical then you’d be missing a trick by paying for a brand name. Ordering free samples allows you to compare the two first-hand to make sure the quality is on par.

Along with quality flooring, look for features that will help to make your flooring last such as a product that is stain or scratch resistant.  Particularly in a family house, these are the sort of features which will help to protect your flooring and hopefully will increase its longevity.

So, if you are planning to renovate your flooring, there are ways to keep the costs down but always bear in mind that quality is worth paying for and even though it might not save you money initially, it will hopefully last you longer which means you can spend your money on other projects in and out of the house.


How to save money on flooring renovation

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