How To Get Involved In Your Child’s Education Without Being Pushy

A mother’s instinctive reaction is to do everything possible to help here children, and their education is no different. In fact, it’s one of the most important aspects of their life as knowledge is power. Still, it isn’t as if you can march into the Headmaster’s office and demand special treatment. For your efforts to be productive, your son or daughter has to be on your side. Otherwise, they’ll rebel and push away from the idea of education altogether.

So, the skill is to get involved without seeming pushy or overbearing and here are the tricks of the trade.

Join The PTA

The Parent-Teacher Association is a group that includes governors, teachers, and parents. The point of the Association is to help make changes which benefit the kids and help them grow. By incorporating mums and dads, the school has the advantage of using inside knowledge to make small tweaks that have big impacts. Applying to be on the PTA then is an excellent way to facilitate change at your child’s school. And, it’s non-intrusive because the meetings happen after school hours and often outside of term time. So, your kids won’t have to deal with potentially embarrassing scenarios.

Speak To Their Teachers

A certain level of communication is essential for your children’s development. Let’s face facts; they won’t tell you the whole truth. They say they aced an exam yet may have failed and will happily keep this from you for as long as possible. By speaking to their teachers, you can get to grips with their strengths and weaknesses and help them at home. They don’t have to know that you’re talking; pick up the phone or stop by the class after work. That way, you can pull strings and encourage them to tackle their limitations to become a better student.

Offer Non-Educational Help

Some parents can’t help but get involved in their children’s education because they work at the school. Still, it doesn’t mean you need to talk about their classes or homework all the time. Depending on your job, they may need a person to vent to when they’re stressed. Anyone with masters in school counselling online who works as a school therapist should stick to their lane. Tackle their problems the same way you would with someone else’s kid. Often, children need a way to de-stress when schoolwork gets too much and they are tense.

Continue After Class

Learning shouldn’t stop because they aren’t at school. Sure, there’s no need to hold formal classes yet the brain should carry on regardless. The trick is to get them to work out mentally without making it boring or formalised. For example, take them shopping for food. At the supermarket, you can ask questions about how much things are and how much is left in the budget so that they calculate sums in their head. There is a ton of STEM activities you can do that don’t include a teacher.

How do you mould your kids without being bossy?

How To Get Involved In Your Childs Education Without Being Pushy

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