On Review – Off The Hook Dolls

On Review – Off The Hook Dolls

Off The Hook Dolls are a range of super-fashionable dolls with a difference.  These mini fashionistas take style to a whole new level with their sassy outfits, spectacular shoes and accessories.  Not only do they have style, but you can also easily unhook them to easily mix and match their outfits and create a whole new look in seconds.

Off The Hook Brooklyn

What are Off The Hook Dolls?

Off The Hook dolls are a new type of collectable fashion doll from Spinmaster suitable for children ages 5+. The dolls are 4 inches tall and they might be small, but they pack a whole lot of style.  Each doll comes dressed in a super cool outfit and depending on the set you have, she will have accessories included and either a box or a blind bag which contains a surprise.  The surprises might be an extra accessory, an additional pair of shoes or maybe even an extra outfit.

Off The Hook dolls come with accessories and different outfits

Where Off The Hook dolls are something a bit different is the way they unhook to change outfits and accessories.  You can completely unhook the outfit, remove the feet and shoes, take off the hair and split the outfit into two separates.  This is so quick and easy to do, even for smaller hands.

Off The Hook Dolls all come apart easily and the accessories and outfits can be mixed and matched

There are six different Off The Hook girls: Jenni, Naia, Vivian, Alexis, Mila and Brooklyn.  Each of the dolls has six individual looks which are either Summer Vacay, Concert or Spring Dance themed outfits.  With so many different outfits and accessories to choose from, that is 175 possible style combinations altogether which is amazing.

Off The Hook Style Studio -2

What Off The Hook sets are available?

Off The Hook dolls are available in single packs (RRP £7.99) which come with one doll with a complete outfit and two blind bags containing surprises.  There are also BFF Style double packs (RRP £12.99) contain two dolls completely styled but they also come with two reusable bags and two reusable boxes which all contain hidden surprises. Finally, there is the Off The Hook  Style Studio (£19.99) which contains a fully styled Naia doll with a further three complete outfits.  This set also includes lots of surprises hidden in reusable plastic tubs and the all-important clothing rack for you to store the outfits and accessories. The set includes 17 pieces in total that can be used to make over 100 outfit combinations.

Off The Hook Dolls Jenni and Naia Spring Dance Outfits

All sets contain instructions to change the dolls outfits and accessories and the all-important checklist of all of the dolls and accessories so you can check them off as you collect them.

What do we think of Off The Hook?

We think they are amazing.  My daughter loves them.  The concept of the brightly coloured dolls with so many different interchangeable outfits and accessories is a brilliant one and the addition of a few hidden surprises makes the sets even more appealing. There is so much in every pack, I think that they are really good value for money and they are so easy to mix and match it is great fun to see my daughter creating different looks for her dolls. I love the Style Studio as it is a great way to store the outfits and I also love the idea of the boxes and bags that hold the surprises as not only is this not wasting packaging but you can reuse them to store the smaller accessories in and that means that they won’t get lost.

Off The Hook Style Studio

My daughter loves Off The Hook and is already planning on spending her remaining Christmas money on some more sets and she hasn’t stopped playing with the dolls since they arrived. She loves changing the outfits and creating different looks, she makes up mini fashion shows and loves making up imaginary scenes with the dolls, so they are perfect for hours of imaginary play. The only small criticism is that it is sometimes hard to get the dolls to stand which she finds a little bit frustrating, they stand well on very flat surfaces but not on carpet.

We were sent a selection of Off The Hook Dolls in return for this review.  All opinions are our own. 





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  1. February 18, 2019 / 2:03 pm

    We have some of these, they are great dolls and something a little different. I like the blind bags xx

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