Using the One4All Gift Card – My Final Thoughts

Using the One4All Gift Card – My Final Thoughts

Before Christmas, I was sent a One4all Gift Card and challenged to see how easy it would be to try and have a stress-free day to myself away from work and children and see if it would give me the gift of ‘me-time’. Using the One4All Gift Card has been a really interesting experience.  In this post, I sat online and using the One4all website, I was able to plan my stress-free day as the site gives you all of the retailers where the multi-store gift card can be used.  It also tells you whether you can use it online or in store. I discovered that there were far more possibilities than I had ever imagined, with lots of my favourite shops and restaurants accepting the card but it also gives you the option to book spa days and treatments and theatre tickets.

Once I realised that there were so many amazing things to do, I was quite excited at the prospect of having a day to spoil myself, especially at a time of year when I spend all of my money on everyone else. I chose a shopping day which was amazing.  I was able to go into shops on my own, try things on and buy myself things that I never usually have the chance to do.  You can read about my ‘me day’ in this post.

But what was my experience of using the One4all gift card like? I had never used the card before and it was my first experience of using a multi-store gift card and I have to say that it is such a great gift.  With so many different options, it would be a great gift idea for anyone and being able to give them a gift that gives them so many options to relax and de-stress, that makes it even more appealing.

The One4all Gift Card can be used in a wide range of retailers

Using the One4all gift card was interesting and a lot easier than I expected.  You have to have the full amount of your purchase on the gift card as you can’t use it as partial payment, so that is something to bear in mind.  The shop assistants were a little apprehensive when I produced the card but all were pleasantly surprised that it was simply a case of swiping the card and getting me to sign the receipt.  It was really simple. They do sometimes ask what the balance is on the card but that is only to make sure that you have enough to pay the full amount of your purchases.

I also used the card online and that is just as simple.  You use it in the same way as a debit or credit card and you simply type in the number on the card.  For each of the online retailers, the One4all website gives you step by step instructions for using the card which is really helpful.

The One4all website gives you all of the information you need. You can order your cards and there are lots of different designs to choose from or you can even personalise the card which is a nice touch.  The website also gives you a list of retailers and you can check your balance.  There is also a handy One4all app which allows you to check your balance on your phone.

You can even personalise your One4all Gift Cards

Overall, I was really impressed with the One4all gift card experience.  It is easy to buy, easy to use and the huge choice of retailers that accept the card is really impressive.  I was certainly successful in my mission to reclaim some me-time and with books, games and notebooks, I will be continuing to find me time in the new year too.

The One4all gift card would make a brilliant gift for absolutely anyone and I will definitely be buying some gift cards for friends and family in the future.

 I was sent a One4All Gift Card to use in return for writing a series of posts.  All opinions are my own and all information was correct at the time of posting. 




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