The Strange Business Of Stress Management

The world is becoming an increasingly stressful place, to the point where stress has become the number one cause of death in the workplace. From a heavy workload to demanding clients, it’s no wonder stress can find a sneaky way to affect our everyday lives. As it does, it can affect both your emotional and your physical health, leading to complaints as diverse and serious as anxiety disorder and heart disease.

Unfortunately, there is currently no obvious solution to completely erase stress from the workplace. Similarly, stress doesn’t only exist in the workplace. It can also find its way into your household for reasons that are not related to your career, such as financial issues or relationship troubles. Stress is ultimately everywhere, and even though you can’t see it, it always finds a way to take you down. Needless to say, getting things back in order demands a lot of effort, which is why many individuals can’t free themselves from their stress prison. But you can tap into their situation to address their needs and make stress a launch portal for your business. Indeed, while stress shows no sign of disappearing, why not build a side-business that is entirely dedicated to managing and reducing tensions?

The Strange Business Of Stress Management



Could you sell medicinal herbs and other anti-stress antidotes?

Extreme cases can deal with prescribed antidepressant substances to handle the effects of stress. However, you can also consider natural solutions that can help you to relax and unclench, such as CBD oil. Indeed, CBD can help to alleviate anxiety and chronic stress, and it is perfectly legal in the UK. However, you need to be careful about starting a business that deals with hemp strains and cannabis. Indeed, while the medicinal use of cannabis is legal, it needs to be strictly monitored regarding the concentration of THC – which is illegal in the UK. There are cases in which medical experts recommend CBD oil with a strain of THC; however, these medications are not available on the UK market. You can, therefore, consider starting a water-soluble CBD oil company that can act as a tranquiliser and anxiety relief remedy. With very little competition in the British market, you could turn stress into a profitable business.

Sports offers stress relief

Physical activities are rightly praised for significantly reducing stress levels. Indeed, when you exercise, your body produces hormones that can boost your mood and soothe tensions, which helps you to feel relaxed after a workout. If you want to make the most of sports, you should investigate opportunities to join a local gym and provide de-stressing classes. You can find out more here about popular gyms such as PureGym Personal training course programmes. Ultimately, you have to remember two essential factors. A lot of people who struggle with stress tend not to lead an active lifestyle, meaning that they can’t always benefit from gym classes that are not suited to their fitness levels. Additionally, work-stress is at its highest point and relates to individuals who can’t attend day-time classes because they’re in the office. In other words, to make your stress fitness class work, you’ll have to adapt to the fitness levels and working hours of your participants.

Everybody needs a friendly ear from time to time

Stress is the result of disturbing events, such as a heavy workload or a conflicted situation. However, while the event serves as an emotional catalyst, it doesn’t create stress. You do. Indeed, the way people choose to react to a situation plays a central role in stress management. While therapists can help, more often than not, people can feel intimidated by a therapist. However, a life coach can get positive results by encouraging people to get in touch with their feeling without the obstacle of a clinical diagnosis. A life coach listens advises and highlights self-help tips. You can bring a palette of varied specialities, from yoga instructor to nutritionist, to become a stress saviour.

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Problems cause stress. Can you make the problem go away?

Ultimately, stress appears because the person can’t fix a problem. Consequently, by offering your expert services, you can become a dedicated problem-solver. A problem-solver is someone who has the right skills to tackle a domain, whether the problem is financial, professional, etc. You have the knowledge to identify the “why” and move to the “what” through the solving journey. Acting as a consultant at a business, financial or relationship level can let you teach your clients how to remove their issues.

Stress is not going away any time soon. Consequently, now’s the best time to tap into the underexplored market to offer viable and applicable solutions to those who are sick with stress.

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